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    Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club

    Official Proclamation 

    March 17, 2020


    To assist in the global effort to combat the COVID19 pandemic and protect MMCC membership, the following proclamation has been issued by the Mandalore:


    1. Immediate suspension/cancellation of ALL
  2. Royal War College of Mandalore is Live!

    MMCC is proud to announce the “War College of Mandalore” educational program.¬† The War College has been designed to help fulfill MMCC’s primary mission; educating in the visual and performing arts through the construction of Mandalorian costumes and props.¬† MMCC’s …

  3. MMCC Members in Need

    On July 6, Haran’galaar Clan members Victor and Carrie Silva lost their home and possessions to the Alpine Fire, one of several wildfires to ravage the San Diego area this year. Members of MMCC, 501st Legion, and Rebel Legion, Victor …

  4. Jeremy Bulloch “Boba Fett” announces retirement

    On August 4, 2018 Jeremy Bulloch, best known for his portrayal of bounty hunter “Boba Fett” in STAR WARS: EPISODE V, The Empire Strikes Back, announced his retirement from the convention circuit.

    Jeremy has delighted fans young and old …