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  1. BESKAR CHEF – Xian’s Nerf Herder Pie

    It’s time to visit the Mess Hall for a tasty recipe! Today’s recipe is called Xian’s Nerf Herder Pie. Mandalorians always need a good hearty meal in their bellies. Our chef’s are the lifeline of every warrior and these tasty
  2. Clan of the Month: Vok’Chi Clan


    The Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club prides itself on the dedication of its members, and we have decided to recognize those members that work the hardest to put their best foot forward each month.  This month the Mandalorian Mercs Costume …

  3. Planet Analysis – Scarif

    Planet Analysis: Scarif

    Planet: Scarif
    Affiliation: Empire
    Climate: Warm/Tropical
    Terrain: Beaches/Sandbanks/thick vegetation
    Known Planet-side Species: N/A
    Safe Ports: N/A; Beware secret Imperial Bases
    Hazardous aspects: Heavy Empire Presence/Hurricanes/Whirlpools
    Recommended Gear: Light gear/armor, Water storage device, fire sticks, hunting gear, air …

  4. Planet Analysis – Mustafar

    It’s Planet Analysis Friday!

    Planet: Mustafar
    Affiliation: Black Sun/Empire/Confederacy of Independent Systems.
    Climate: Very Hot/Volcanic
    Terrain: Lava Rivers/Volcanoes
    Known Planetside Species: Alazmec
    Safe Ports: N/A
    Hazardous aspects: Lava/Fire/Ash
    Recommended Gear: Water storage device, Weapon/armor cleaning kit, personal shield generator, cryo …