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  1. Planet Analysis – Cantonica

    Planet: Cantonica
    Affiliation: Corporate Sector
    Climate: Hot and dry. One artificial sea
    Terrain: Desert, urban, water
    Known Planetside Species: Fathier, unidentified tentacle creature
    Safe Ports: Canto Bight
    Hazardous aspects: Outside the city is a dry desert wasteland
    Recommended Gear: Outside …

  2. Planet Analysis – Florrum




    Planet: Florrum
    Affiliation: Weequay pirates
    Climate: Warm and very dry
    Terrain: Desert, geysers, sulphur deposits
    Known Planetside Species: Skalder
    Safe Ports: Hondo’s Complex
    Hazardous aspects: Dry environment with very little water, Pirates, Acid geysers
    Recommended Gear: Specialized …

  3. Planet Analysis – Hoth


    Planet: Hoth
    Affiliation: Rebel Alliance
    Climate: Extreme cold
    Terrain: Ice, rock, glaciers, plains
    Known Planetside Species: Wampa, Tauntaun
    Safe Ports: N/A Remains of Echo Base
    Hazardous aspects: Extreme cold, high winds, dangerous creatures
    Recommended Gear: Specialized gear for extreme …

  4. BESKAR CHEF – Xian’s Nerf Herder Pie

    It’s time to visit the Mess Hall for a tasty recipe! Today’s recipe is called Xian’s Nerf Herder Pie. Mandalorians always need a good hearty meal in their bellies. Our chef’s are the lifeline of every warrior and these tasty