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  1. Hasbro Black Series Mandalorian Helmet


    With the resumption of Season 2 of The Mandalorian, Hasbro has begun releasing new merch in an initiative that they have decided to call “Mando Mondays.” 

    Recently, Hasbro announced the release of The Black Series Mandalorian Electronic Helmet.


  2. Katee Sackhoff & Bo-Katan


    If you haven’t watched The Mandalorian, Chapter 11: the Heiress yet, stop reading right now and go watch it.  It’s ok, we’ll wait.


    I think that we all can admit, while watching Chapter 11 of The Mandalorian,

  3. Beskar Chef: Blue Krill Warmer

    Blue Krill Warmer




    50g / Large knob of butter

    1 large shallot – finely diced

    2 gloves of Garlic – crushed to pulp

    200g Carnaroli Rice

    100ml Dry White Wine

    700ml Chicken Stock

    70g frozen peas /

  4. The Mandalorian: Season 2 Trailer Recap

    Wherever I go, he goes…

    There is so much to take in from this short trailer and as such, we could probably write pages and pages going through all the finer points. However, we’ll attempt to keep it short, although