Our Auxiliary Memberships are live and ready to be used. The final price of this membership level is $12 PER YEAR (or $1 per month if you want to break it down). Auxiliary Memberships are a great way to become more involved in the Mercs without needing a costume. This is a great way to allow parents, spouses, siblings, and friends in on the fun that we have. Auxiliary Members have access to the room blocks for large conventions, ability to buy special merchandise, and other perks such as the ability to reserve a seat at Member-Only dinner parties and functions that the Mercs may hold. Auxiliary Membership also turns off advertisements here on the forums, and attaches a special Auxiliary Member badge to your forum account.

Here are some basic instructions on how to order your Auxiliary Membership:

- Go to your profile by clicking on "Profile" on our main menu here on the website. 
- In the 'Actions' section on the profile menu (either in the sidebar or in the 'across the top' menu of your profile), click on 'Paid Subscriptions'
- Next click on the button that says "Order"
- Then click on the button that says 'Order with Paypal'

From here you'll be taken to the paypal section of the process in which you'll login, approve payment, and then be redirected back to our boards. Your membership should now be active.

Non-Paypal Payment Methods
If you do not have a paypal account, or do not wish to use the service you may send in the fee manually via the Postal Service. Please use Money Orders if at all possible as these are the fastest and most secure way to send your fee into us. Money Orders can be bought at most local convenience stores and supermarkets. In lieu of a money order, we will also take checks and cash. Checks need to clear before we'll add your new status to your account. Please be advised that sending cash through the public mail system can be dangerous, so be sure to use a security envelope to hide the contents. 

Please also include your forum screen name so that we can find your account!

Note: It may take up to two weeks for your new status to be recognized and applied to your account. This is due in part to our use of a P.O. Box (see below), as well as the application time of that money into the Mercs bank account.

If you'd like to send in your Auxiliary Membership fee physically, send to:

Mandalorian Mercs
P.O. Box 924
Mocksville NC, 27028

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