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Title: 2016 FAN FILM (Portland Oregon )(student film)
Post by: Megastar1001 on May 03, 2016, 03:27 AM
Hello fellow Mercs my name is Julian and I'm new to the forums       ( forgive me if I do anything wrong) and I'm currently directing a highschool senior student film centered around the Original Trilogy era of star wars and mainly focusing on the Rebellion and Empire. We need two mandolorians for this film. One is a very minor role (only in one scene) and the other is a more main antagonist to the film. I'll talk about the first one then I'll get into the more developed character.

The first character we need is an ESB or ROTJ styled Boba Fett. He will be in a small cameo that we can film In one day. If anyone is interested in helping out and wearing their kit, please let me know.

The second character is an original character and we are looking for anyone who is interested in acting with mandolorian armor for the film. He is a main antagonist and would be in a longer part of the film. (The film itself will be closer to 30 minutes) This character can look like whatever but we are picturing a Black armored mandolorian with a very dark look. If anyone has kits and are interested in collabing please let me know. It's up to people like you to kick this project into gear.
Here's a link to the Projects teaser :
Title: Re: 2016 FAN FILM (Portland Oregon )(student film)
Post by: Cyrus Ulto on May 25, 2016, 03:19 AM
Im interested in the cameo position.