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Title: Dragon Con SWAG Trading
Post by: The Red Mandalorian on Aug 27, 2016, 05:34 PM
Trading was horrible last year, and has been on my mind all year.
I was prompted by one of the regular traders for info, so I have taken the reigns and have declare this the official trading information for the clubs.

With the exception of the Legion mixer, I propose all trading at the con, to take place at the club tables after 1715 (5:15PM start till whenever). Everynight no point being choosy get there when you get there... except Sat. (at the mixer)

Face it getting to the 10th floor of the Marriott is impossible and once you get up there no one else has stayed, there is far too much going on at the con to fight the elevator to get up there.

5 PM is when the tables are closed up, I recommend no trading at the tables before that time. Trading takes up a lot of space and we don't want to upset the flow at the tables, go around the corner by the UPS/Fed Ex store if you really need to trade before 5:15 is recommended.

This is not an ideal place due to the high volume traffic of all con go'ers if you are concerned about your collection however, it is close to food and washrooms, it is easy to access, everyone knows where it is, it may encourage more discussion about collecting and attract more people to join the clubs after the tables have shut down,
(and who knows what shinies non members may have in the crowd that just want's to trade for that Fett helmet Coin Patch Pin Shirt your holding!)

Anyone who just can't wait (usually at the beginning of the con, and "JUST GOTTA TRADE NOW!!!" I suggest announcement of "insta trade moments" be posted on FB 501st patch Collectors Group simply cause it's the dominant group.

I am the Red Mandalorian and this is the declared "Bounty" announcement!