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Title: Raising money for EMS charity
Post by: Silas Darkstar on May 02, 2017, 09:09 AM
Oya Vode!  I would like to ask for your support in a fundraising event I'm doing here in the UK.

Bit of background first.  I started out in 1998 as a Police Officer before cross-training to the Ambulance Service in 2002.  I'm now a Clinical Manager/Paramedic with the Yorkshire Ambulance Service in the UK.  One of my main hobbies is trail running, and so I've signed up for a race at Wooler, Northumberland this year, in an effort to raise at least 1000 for the Ambulance Services Charity.  This is a national charity which provides support to any member of the ambulance service who needs it, regardless of which employer they work for.

The race is on November 19th.  It takes place across the moors above the small town of Wooler, Northumberland.  It is a bleak and lonely run, covering 28.5 mile, or 45 km.  It has an ascent of over 6000 feet (1800m), and I could be running through mud, fog, rain, snow or ice.  In fact it'll probably be all of the above.  Last year at the highest points the wind chill took the temperature down to -12 degrees Celcius (or 10 degrees Fahrenheit)  :o.  I have never run this distance before, and will be running for over 6 hours...

I am hopeful that some of you will have a look at my Just Giving page and donate towards it please.  I am aiming to raise 1000 to help this charity which is doing great work helping EMS personnel across the UK.

Thank you,
Silas Darkstar (aka Simon)
Title: Re: Raising money for EMS charity
Post by: Silas Darkstar on May 08, 2017, 01:48 PM
Evening Vode. Just updated my sponsorship page and wanted to share this photo from work with you all.

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All the money I raise goes to TASC, so they can help ambulance staff and their families when they really need it. If you could spare a few credits I'd be incredibly grateful. Thank you.