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Title: Brigade Requirement List - Mandalorian Protectors
Post by: Mi'ix on Sep 26, 2018, 09:38 AM

A limited amount of canon characters are accepted in this Brigade.  The characters that are acceptable are Spar (,  Fenn Shysa  (,  Tobbi Dala  (, and all variants of  Boba Fett  ( ( excluding only the Holiday Special variant.  Canon characters are exempt from the requirement of using the Brigade Sigil on their armor.

Mandalorian Protector BRL

Aside from meeting the minimum CRLs, a Protector must adhere to the following requirements:



**Addendum: The 'Fett-style' plate requirement is not meant to exclude female members from becoming Protectors. Female-style chest plates that conform to the general appearance/configuration of Fett-style or Marvel-style plates are acceptable. The diamond and abdominal plates must be as close to Fett-style or Marvel-style as possible.

'Soft' Parts




Helmet Paint Variant Example

Muted Chest designs and additional armor plates and holsters

Gauntlet Variant Example

Cape, leg wraps, knife, trophies Example