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Title: W.I.P. Building my own armor
Post by: Fenner on Mar 13, 2019, 09:28 PM
Hi everyone,
I want to show the progress in my work on a customized Mandalorian armor, hoping that it will meet the required parameters.

First of all I thought of assembling an armor with legacy chest, abs and backplate, mixing with the others classic parts.

(                                (

After modeling I started to color the armor, putting a chrome base and then a darker colored layer

(                                  (

...naturally putting some vaseline on the parts where to create the ruined effect (I tried toothpaste but the paint became sticky and I had to recolor it again).

Furthermore, on the chest and shoulders I have drawn the skull of the mythosaurus

(          ( (

Than, a black jumpsuite, black flak vest and a belt with holsters for my blasters

(        (

I will update you soon with new photos of the complete costume, in the meantime I ask if what I have done so far is fine.

Thank you