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Title: Mercs 'Nexu Clan - PeoriaCon' Event Report
Post by: corriban on Apr 14, 2019, 04:49 PM


Event location: Peoria, IL(USA)
Date: May 2, 2019
Clan(s) Involved: Nexu
Mission Objective: Promote Star Wars, the MMCC, and try to get new members
Event Report: This was an invasion of a "small" first year con. Very well put together and setup. Great to interact with the public and try to recruit some new members. Nexu joined forces with the local Rebels and 501st to setup a booth with promotional materials, props, and friendly faces. Patrols of the con floor were done all day, no incidents to report.

Holorecords & Additional Information (

Original Report by: BLUERAM