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Title: Mercs 'Kar'ta Beskar - Greater Austin Comic Con' Event Report
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Event location: Austin TX
Date: June 15-16, 2019
Clan(s) Involved: Kar'ta Beskar Clan
Mission Objective: Spread the love of Star Wars and the Mandalorian Mercs by taking photos and talking with attendees.
Event Report: The booth at the Greater Austin Comic Con was a joint effort between members of the Mandalorian Mercs, 501st, Saber Guild and the Droid Builders Club.  During this two-day event at the H.E.B. Convention Center in Cedar Park, TX costumed members posed for photos with convention goers while others talked to interested individuals about costuming and club membership.  Funds were raised for the Peter Mayhew Foundation and a guest book was available for people to record their memories of Peter himself and his beloved Chewbacca.

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Original Report by: Lomas Thowe