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Title: Question - Male Ketsu Kit
Post by: pedrosixone on Jul 06, 2019, 11:43 AM
I have a question about:

A few months ago I had posted if a Ketsu style kit would be applicable to the mmcc, and was mentioned that it was being considered but not likely.

Can anyone give any confirmation as to its current standing? It was also mentioned as possible unofficial troops but im not sure if thats catagory within the club.

Maybe moderaters know more about this?

The original concept of Ketsu's armor was ment for ep 7 as a space pirate, then applied to Ketsu herself whom is a Mandalorian from Shukut.

From Lucasfilm design supervisor Christian Alzmann or Phil Szostak Lucasfilm creative art manager

Please advise


Title: Re: Question - Male Ketsu Kit
Post by: Havelock on Jul 09, 2019, 12:49 PM
While Ketsu is credited as being Mandalorian, the armor she wears isn't.  At this time, that style of armor is unapprovable for an Official Kit with the MMCC.  If that changes, a CRL will be published for that armor.

You're entirely welcome to build her armor for your own enjoyment, but even once attaining Official Member status with an approvable kit, you would get no trooping credit with the MMCC for wearing a Ketsu-style kit.  If that armor is ever approved for use as an Official Kit, and your armor conforms to those CRLs after they're published, then you could get trooping credit wearing that kit.