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Title: Mercs 'Tra'cor Clan - RHPL Comic Fest' Event Report
Post by: corriban on Oct 16, 2019, 08:14 PM


Event location: Rochester, MI [USA]
Date: September 14, 2019
Clan(s) Involved: Tra'cor Clan
Mission Objective: To bring a swarzy atmosphere to the local library event
Event Report: Mandalorians of Tra'cor Clan invaded the Rochester Hills Public Library for the library's Comic Fest. In an occurrence of galactic peace, the Mercs were supported briefly by the Empire as well as members of the Resistance. The Tra'cors posed for photos, made buttons, and even rallied behind Ruus'alor Sol'yc Sabine in her single handed domination of the Harry Potter Trivia competition.

Holorecords & Additional Information (http://)

Original Report by: Laaran Dala