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Title: Macrobinoculars for Recon Spec Ops Brigade
Post by: Kyr'yc Haal on Jan 04, 2020, 05:00 PM
Hey Everyone, Havent been that active on the main boards stuck to the clan board so far.

I'm starting to build up ideas and parts to become an OM and am thinking about trying to go straight for Brigade registration too or at least most of the way there.

I found this design and wondered if it would be accepted in principal? I would make some changed like making some parts from metal, most of it would be 3D printed in both SLA and FDM, and I'd probably do something silly like put a HD screen and a camera in it to make it somewhat functional (I no there is no need but I like to do that sort of thing).

anyway here is a link to my WIP on the clan boards and a link the the Macro's I'd like to use.


Macro's (