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Title: Mercs 'Rise of Skywalker - Vermont Stronghold' Event Report
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Invasion Location: Essex, VT [USA]
Date: December 19, 2019
Clans Involved: Vermont Stronghold
Mission Objective: Celebrate the conclusion of the third Star Wars trilogy and meet some fans for photos at the theater.
Invasion Report: Local mandalorians met with the 501st Green Mountain Squad and the Rebel Legion's Alderaan Base to meet and greet Star Wars fans in the local theater lobby, and provide some fun for folks waiting in line to see The Rise of Skywalker. With the local 501st leadership's approval, two mandos got to represent the club that night - one official and one currently in the approval process. They posed for photos, tested out fresh armor, distributed club business cards, and were only referred to as "Boba Fett" once. After the invasion, all three clubs got to see the film on the big screen, and the Vermont Stronghold brainstormed kit improvements for next time.

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Original Report by: Mi'ix