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Title: Mercs 'Wolves of Mandalore - Brick Fest Live! San Francisco' Event Report
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Multi Day - Invasion

Event Photo, Day 1

Event Photo, Day 2

Event location: San Mateo, CA
Date: 02/08/20 & 02/09/20
Clan(s) Involved: Wolves of Mandalore
Teren Clan
Mission Objective: Photo opportunity point of interest. Live Character interaction.
Event Report: The Star Wars Costuming clubs put up backdrops and set pieces for photo opportunities and interaction. A backstage changing area was provided with tables, chairs, and water. Event was 2 days long, 9am-5pm with expectations to have characters present for the whole duration of the event. Breaks were taken and characters swapped out at different times.

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Original Report by: 1889 - Sea_Marshall