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Title: Announcement concerning NERF Amban Phase Pulse Blaster Rifle
Post by: Dha Bral on Dec 07, 2020, 09:52 PM
Nerf Amban Phase Pulse Blaster Rifle

Rubies "The Mandalorian Blaster (Large)"

Recently Nerf has unveiled their version of the Amban Phase Pulse Blaster Rifle .   At $120, it's quite a sight to see. However, the scale of the blaster will prohibit its use in canon applications.  According to the reviews available, the nerf Amban has a length of just over 50 inches/ 127 cm, while the real world prop Amban used in the live action series is 70 inches/ 178 cm.  A normal sized/ average adult Din Djarin carrying the nerf Amban would look as if (and actually would be) he is carrying a child sized toy blaster.  We hold our canon applicants to a high standard of accuracy where we feel it's necessary.  This is exactly one of the areas.  With that said, we will allow the use of the nerf Amban, if properly modified (per the commonly required nerf modifications) for custom mandalorians.

In years past, we have had a similar precedent for the use of the Hasbro & Disney Parks EE-3. We have prohibited the use of the blaster on our canon Fetts because of the 2:3 scale of the toy blasters.  The Hasbro & Disney Parks EE-3 measure out around 23"-24" in length, which is close to 2:3 scale of the accurate, full size EE-3 which measures 33"-34" depending on the variant.  We have allowed, and will continue to allow the use of smaller scale replicas for our verd'ika corps/ trainee OMs/ child members under the age of 18.  This will not change; and again, the 2:3 scale EE-3 will continue to be allowed for custom mandalorians.

Furthermore,  the use of the Rubies Blastech IB-94 pistol (Din's sidearm blaster pistol) is being considered for canon approval at the base level.  We have accepted Rubies pistols on our canon apps for Jango Fett's Westar-34 pistols in the past, and that is unlikely to change at the basic approval level. We expect to come to a decision soon, but it is still in discussion.

Rubies "the Mandalorian Blaster (small)" (Blastech IB-94 blaster pistol)

Lastly, a discussion of allowing the Nerf Amban Phase Blaster to be allowed for the Holiday Special Boba Fett is being discussed.  References have that particular animated rifle at a smaller scale than its live action counterpart.   These decisions will likely be finalized and announced at the start of 2021 with the 2021 CRL addendums and revisions.
Holiday Special Boba Fett variants
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I hope this information helps everyone out there that's currently building.

Don't buy the NERF or Rubies Amban blaster rifle if you're planning on building a canon Mandalorian, such as Din Djarin.