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Title: AZ Mercs Invade Toy Anxiety Drive
Post by: Solus Kyr on Dec 13, 2009, 02:31 PM

Members of the Shonare Vhekedla clan Invaded the Toy Anxiety drive Saturday 12/12/09 we met up with our local Rebel Legion members and some 501st to help raise donations for the Toy drive. There was quite a turn out and there were a lot of toys that were donated and a lot more sold with a percentage of the sales going to purchase more toys to give for the drive! We had a blast we took pictures, answered questions from a very interested 5 year old who was intrigued with who exactly our characters fit into the Star Wars universe... As the group around us grew and the questions intensified we continued to be entertained amused by this random kid. After the day was done I would say we all did our part to bring smiles to young kids who will be getting presents under there trees this year because some random strangers wanted to do something special and help, well some random strangers...    


I want to thank all of you that came out and congrats on a good job & thank you to the Toy Anxiety for having us out we'll see you next year!

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