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Title: Scratchbuild Test
Post by: Peregrinus on Jul 08, 2010, 06:45 PM
Making this one out of sintra to test my templates and the fit of all the pieces. This version has no rangefinder, for simplicity, but is otherwise a symmetrical idealized 1:1 scale Boba helmet. I will be using these same templates to make the rest of my helmets out of stainless steel.

For the thicker parts (3mm for the sintra and 10-gauge for the steel), I've learned that the best sequence is to lay down the template, cut out the piece to shape at the outline (using the original bottom line), like this:


...then go over the outline of the actual piece with an x-acto knife, mark it on the material being shaped (sintra or steel), and remove the template:


...then shape it with the template to the inside of the curve:

( it)
[came out bad, need to reshoot]

Ditto the back skirt, despite it being less important, as 1mm (or 18-gauge, for the steel) is thin enough to not distort if the template is on the outside:


The earcaps are the same right and left, as there's no rangefinder. 3mm sintra for the baseplate, 1mm for the angled part:


And half-inch 45 half-square balsa cut at a 10 angle for the bottom bits:

[came out bad, need to reshoot]

After this weekend, I'm going to be gluing and clamping front to back with the earcap bases to reinforce and hide the join. That and photo reshoots forthcoming...
Title: Re: Scratchbuild Test
Post by: Peregrinus on Oct 14, 2010, 08:58 PM
Man... I know I've been online less and less over the last couple months, culminating in my power supply killing my previous hard drive... But I forgot I hadn't updated this with all the pics I took after that last post. *headdesk*

I'll put up the pics that I moved online, but I ran into an issue with the templates on the thicker parts and need to basically "stretch" those template pieces along the long axis, curved to follow the arc of the helmet barrel. That is going to be very tedious. >_<

I am also trying to sort out scale issues for the dome that I missed on the first attempt.

All this is to say, the pictures I put up will be showing a test-run that's been abandoned while I apply lessons learned.