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Title: Blue Moon Squad invades Chiisaicon
Post by: Dar Kyram on Jul 12, 2010, 10:47 PM

July 9th - July 10th, Blue Moon Squad invaded Chiisaicon in Shepherdsville, Kentucky.

It had come to the attention of Blue Moon Squad that a small gathering of anime fans was going to happen at the Ridgeway Memorial Library in Shepherdsville, Kentucky. Blue Moon Squad's scout Rexdor Kelevra was the first to touch down and investigate the site, staying out of armor and blending in with the local anime fans to conduct his reconnaissance. After sampling local food and participating in a couple of games and activities, Rexdor contacted Squad Leader Dar Kyram and fellow squad member Larcnodrog that their invasion plans were set.

The following morning, The Skull King arrived at the library and established the Mandalorian occupation, by fending off couple of zombies with Jill Valentine. Soon after, both Rexdor and Larcnodrog showed up and the Mando Mercs served as witnesses to several "Otaku Weddings" and made their presence known well known. After Larcno and Rexdor pulled out, Dar stuck around long enough to participate in a "Yo Momma..." contest, anime style, which he won using several sharp-tongued retorts to the hostess. After that, there was a skit and walk on contest, which he also won the crowd over with.

All in all, it was a fun experience for the three members of Blue Moon Squad to reunite once more, and yet another convention put in Kentucky's notch. And as Chiisaicon's first convention, it was seen off with a proper Mandalorian Mercs send off!

More photos can be found HERE (