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Title: Trooper Fighting Cancer needs our help
Post by: Warpiper on Mar 29, 2015, 04:09 PM
Amy E Higgs BH42297 (Bo Katan) is a member of Squad Corellia of the 501st Legion. Amy is currently fighting a very aggressive form of cancer. This is her second bout with fighting cancer and she will soon lose the ability to wear her armored costume for the 501st Legion. Her selfless nature is a true example of the heart of the Legion. She has a dream to continue her involvement with Garrison/Squad activities that bring smiles to children and help with the charities of the 501st Legion, even though she herself is fighting the same disease that many of those we visit are fighting. The way we can help her achieve this dream is to build Amy a "Chopper" droid. Amy wants a droid she can control and use out of costume while still sharing her passion for Star Wars and helping those in need. We have a saying in Squad Corellia of "Never Tell Us the Odds!" Amy Higgs is the best example of this slogan as she fights the odds every day. We would be honored if you would help Amy achieve her dream and this goal. I know nor Amy or myself are yet Mercs but I am desperately trying to make this droid a reality for her. You can donate at the following link and any amount is greatly appreciated

any of the funds that are left over after we build this droid for Amy will go directly toward her medical bills. She currently travels from West Virginia to Philadelphia PA for treatments every week. Again any and all help is greatly appreciated! Trooper on!