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Title: Jaster Mereel, a true mandalorian: WIP from CROW62
Post by: CROW62 on May 21, 2015, 02:36 AM
Hello, I wanted to make  Jaster cause armor looks amazing to me.

This my initial plain:

Armor: made in styrene, designed by me and laser cutted
Flightsuit: made by me using the Jango patterns
Boots: made by me, the Kenneth Cole replica (color to decide)
Vest: leather, dark gray, made by me
Pouches and belts: made by me in leather
Helmet: Lorenzo from TDH agreed a trade and is making it
Blasters: same as helmet, Lorenzo from TDH
Knees: I have a Jango knees set, I hope will work
Gauntlets: will make in eva
Cape: made by me

 I started translating the PDF armor files to AI and use them in a laser cutter, I used 3mm styrene, the scale was adjusted to fit up to my 510" tall, in the pic you can see at the left the standard mando armor and in the right the chest pieces accurate as the Jaster scheme, based in the CRL, I must to design and make another set of shoulders for my Jaster:

( (

My plan is to use hot water to give shape to the armor parts and the put in iced water to cold the parts again.

I have an initial question for other Jaster users: Have I to avoid the shoulder wings in the vest? (I think there will be attached the shoulders armor)