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Looking good vod!
The wonders of your creativity never cease to amaze me!
Female Armor / Re: Ki'tahra's WIP thread
« Last post by Zarya Arthos on Today at 10:57 PM »
Yay another night owl bucket! Those colors are very cool! The concept seems really inspired by Sabine.
Female Armor / Re: Kaitryn's WIP
« Last post by Zarya Arthos on Today at 10:53 PM »
I also think the size and fit are just right on you. The easiest thing would be to just make a new collar plate, IMO.
Helmets / Re: Helmet interior
« Last post by Machinimax on Today at 10:45 PM »
I did this to a Stormtrooper bucket as opposed to a Mando, but I lined mine with some pluck-and-peel foam. It allowed me to create simple custom shapes and it's nice and soft too.
Helmets / Helmet interior
« Last post by Dulavjo on Today at 09:06 PM »
What are members using to pad the interior of the helmets for comfort and fit
Helmets / Re: Scratch Build.
« Last post by Cylon on Today at 08:46 PM »
I used a multisport/skate helmet.  Went to a few stores to try them for sizes, then ordered the cheapest I could find.

Spend some time checking out other scratch builds to see what people work with.
Armor Construction / Re: Shoulder bells and armor
« Last post by Ronin Tavic on Today at 08:15 PM »
What's the solution for this problem?
Making a larger collar plate that fits better
Armor Construction / Re: Mandalorian commando build WIP update page
« Last post by Z97 on Today at 08:08 PM »
so i decided i needed to hide my amp box so i made some mods to make it look like a portable scanner.nothing fancy i might make a alternate enclosure for it.

Thanks Kris, you've been a big help, now I have a ton of reference pictures to dig through.

As for the other thing, in regards to the reflective strips, I'm a little surprised that there has been an official ruling on them yet, but I guess they wouldn't come up all that often since most people don't use coveralls since scrubs are much more practical if you can find the right kind
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