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Legends of Mandalore / Re: MANDALORE THE ULTIMATE- WIP Daar
« Last post by Ashen Kelborn on Today at 06:57 AM »
Build to MMCC, then explain with references why you went in a direction, I did that with my death watch and now I'm the CRL template.
If you can build with accuracy, they will change things ;) :like:
Legends of Mandalore / Re: MANDALORE THE ULTIMATE- WIP Daar
« Last post by Daar Drashaar on Today at 04:16 AM »

Have you already written to the Legion in this matter?
I do not know what to do with my costume now.
my heart is with the MMCC, I already have two official armor, but I also wanted to be a member of 501.
What are you doing?
leave gold and send an app to the Legion?
whether to paint over gray or red and stay in the MMCC.
I have already lost myself now.
Armor Construction / Re: WIP - First Kit - SteadiMandoDon
« Last post by SteadiMandoDon on Today at 03:40 AM »

Printed the templates at 90% of the original ones I did. I am curious to what you guys think of the sizing now!

for me it's pretty difficult to eyeball the size since it's my first kit, and I do not really know how it should feel when wearing..

(Oh! Vor'en Marr, I can cross my arms now, without obstruction!)

Thank you guys and gals already!

Armor Concepts / Rubies two peice Jango helmet
« Last post by Ico Bulric on Today at 02:13 AM »
 :jango: is the Rubie's two peice Jango helmet acceptable because I know the one peice isnt
I'm not leaving it stock though and I'm filling the seam it will look completely different when I'm done with it. :mtu:
Legends of Mandalore / Re: MANDALORE THE ULTIMATE- WIP Daar
« Last post by Arkham on Jun 26, 2019, 10:39 PM »
The 501st CRL was written after a kit with the gold got approved, even though that version doesn't show up anywhere in any canon references.

I'm jumping through hoops with the 501st right now trying to get my kit approved that DOES meet the canon references, but are having issues for the their CRL being incorrect.
Female Armor / Re: Ka'ra's first WIP
« Last post by starfyre013 on Jun 26, 2019, 09:17 PM »
Which respirator did you get?
Female Armor / Re: Ka'ra's first WIP
« Last post by Kryamla Redalur on Jun 26, 2019, 09:16 PM »
Definitely would recommend one! Think I got mine from amazon!
Armor Construction / Re: Reyn Vok'Chi: Mandalorian Protector
« Last post by Reyn Vok'chi on Jun 26, 2019, 08:16 PM »
what do you use to keep your hoses properly in place up your sleeves?

Sorry for the late reply. I have quick release buckles on the end of house and on elastic up my sleeves
Armor Concepts / My concept kit
« Last post by Asyer on Jun 26, 2019, 07:20 PM »
Here is my rough sketch of the armor i would like to do. Would love some feedback about improvements i can make. Going for a melee focused mando.
For my helmet, i wanted to use the wolf style one i found on the sale boards.
Helmets / Re: Modern Nite Owl Bucket - WIP (got pics)
« Last post by hazelspikes on Jun 26, 2019, 06:09 PM »
Welp, I've put a good chunk of work in recently! Painted my character's color scheme over the purple. I used the toothpaste weathering method to keep some of the undercoat coming through. After my boyfriend puts the Jaig eyes on it, I'll touch up the red splotches and maybe cover up more of the purple on the back. Debating whether I want to brown wash it before smoothing it out and clear coating. Buuuuuuut there's plenty of time.

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