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Hey there everybody! So I was wondering what everybody does as far as a vocal booster so people can hear you out of your helmet and hearing others. My helmet is 3d printed so kinda thick and my hearing is....not amazing at best. I have ideas as far as say a sound amplifier like the Magic Ear which has earphones and a voice booster for folks wearing masks in the bio sector.  But haven't gotten a good option as far as something to do both.

I do plan on making an arm rig to put a cheap phone in just for bluetooth options to do both possibly but I'd like to know what other people do.

Do you just tough it out? Do you learn to adapt to it? I'm more concerned with hearing others vs them hearing me as I'm very shy to begin with. But I don't want to say get hit by something or miss a stage call because I can't hear AND have limited vision in the helmet!

What does everybody do to adapt to this? I've been costuming since 98 but I've never made anything that involved a full helmet like this.
Jetpacks/Backpacks / Harness questions
« Last post by Pyro on Today at 09:30 PM »
I've had this jetpack for around 3 years now and I'm finally trying to add it to my kit. the issue I'm having its kinda heavy and the nylon harness I made does nothing to help so i need to find a good one that does not break the bank. Any suggestions on which one to get?
Armor Construction / Re: Sniper / Spotter Team
« Last post by Velish on Today at 09:28 PM »
What are the plates made of? They don't look like Sintra. Mine are going to be Sintra, once they start showing up.
Armor Construction / Re: First WIP
« Last post by Sha'Aj Wa'Gar on Today at 09:16 PM »
Thank you Bowfanny! I will keep this post updated as I go along!
Jetpacks/Backpacks / Re: Unknowns jetpack
« Last post by The Unknown Mando on Today at 08:49 PM »
G'day Bow, I don think know if builder is right....just piece things together, slap on some paint in between daydreaming  :laugh: :laugh:
Armor Construction / Re: WIP MY FIRST PROJECT
« Last post by mattcamaro on Today at 08:44 PM »
Great concept.  As far as holsters go.  what blaster are you wanting to use and will you have a single or multiple blaster?
Armor Construction / Re: WIP First Armor Kit
« Last post by Kryamla Redalur on Today at 08:42 PM »
Yes! That looks great!
Jetpacks/Backpacks / Re: Unknowns jetpack
« Last post by Bowfanny on Today at 08:40 PM »
You are a quality builder Ner Vod! Life hits sometimes is all.
Armor Concepts / Re: New Concept - Female Legacy Build
« Last post by mattcamaro on Today at 08:40 PM »
So Far Great concept.   Keep up the great work and update.
Armor Construction / Re: First WIP
« Last post by Bowfanny on Today at 08:38 PM »
Tis a nice start!
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