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Armor Concepts / Armor and materials
« Last post by Dren Neilon on Today at 01:38 AM »
Hello Dren here.

I have already made a set of armor in the light style. However i wasnt around here at the time so i didnt know about any rules and I want to get involved with my local clan and stuff. My suit is made of a sturdy thick foam like material but I assume I'll have to make a whole new set. Is it possible on a budget? Money is super tight for me but I really Wana be like... official.. any advice from veterans?
Weapons Armory / WIP EE-3 Pistol
« Last post by DirkSteele on Today at 01:00 AM »
Working on my first kit, started on my blaster tonight. Took an old kids EE-3 Carbine, cut off the stock and most of the kid sized handgrip. Replaced with a bigger grip from a Nerf Roughcut.

Next steps are to sand down the rough edges, then fill in the gaps & screw holes with bondo.

Welcome any thoughts or constructive criticism.

Armor Concepts / Mixing armor types?
« Last post by TheLastJaydi on Nov 26, 2020, 11:32 PM »
Are we allowed to mix different types of armor in one kit? I was thinking about my Post Imperial idea and was thinking about using the chest plate of the Heavy Infantry mando but then using pieces similar to Din Djarin and Boba/Jango style. Would that be allowed?
Armor Concepts / Armor concepts, looking for official feedback
« Last post by Ultramarine81 on Nov 26, 2020, 09:21 PM »
Iím planning out a set of 3 suits as a fireteam for myself and 2 friends. The suits will be post-imperial, with matching base colors and individual detail colors, pinstriping, greebles, ect. Weíre also looking at each individual representing a role, like breacher and assaulter. Iím far enough along with my planning to post what Iíve got and get some feedback so I can correct any CRL issues and fix anything Iíve overlooked. I have cosplay and prop building experience along with 3d printing experience, just not with Star Wars specifically.

The soft parts will be largely the same on all 3. Black undersuit, vest, boots, and gloves with grey armor. For the cummerbund I have a tutorial on how to make one from scratch that looks manageable, the ones premade for sale online seem pretty steep in price. We havenít discussed cummerbund colors so for right now I colored it a lighter shade of grey than the armor. The neck seals for sale are much more affordable and weíll probably just order those from someone. For the suit, Iím looking at Dickies work shirt\pants combo. Iím 6í6Ē and have issues buying clothes that are long enough but I know I can get Dickies in my size. Iím trying to work out how to sew on the second shorter sleeve. I have 0 sewing experience but Iím trying to learn and can get a little mentoring.

For the vest Iím looking at this ( )
 I know the fast clips will have to be replaced and all that MOLLE will have to be ripped out, but I can watch a movie and sit with a stitch ripper. The post-imperial vests seem to be a different cut than the modern\Boba style, and this looks to be shaped about right. Since it has a plate carrier pocket it should be easy to access the inside to add attachments for the armor plates too.

The boots will probably be something similar to this ( ). We donít have an exact brand picked yet, but we need something I can get in my size (again, bigger than most brands make) without spending $200. Iím being careful to avoid logos that would have to be removed or covered if I can help it. I have a spats design to cover the laces. Weíve learned a valuable lesson about wearing comfortable footwear with a costume you may spend all day walking around in.

Gloves will be lighter, like flight gloves, with max dexterity. Bonus points if theyíre touch screen capable ( ). If weíre going to be geared up for extended periods of time we want to be able to use our phones and wallets and such.

I have a question about the post-imperial armor. I have 3d print files for the Beskar and Heavy Infantry styles, but I canít find any templates to make my own from PVC, fiberglass or the like, and I canít find any versions of the back plate that seem workable. Is there a source for these that anyone knows about that I could use? Iíd like to not have print these if I can help it, I can make it lighter and easier to wear out of another material.

Suit #1 (breacher). 
This is me, so I have it the most complete. Itís a Beskar style chestplate and right shoulder piece, a layered Fett style shoulder on the left, knees and shins (not shnees). Iíve toyed with tassets but I wonít do that right now; maybe later. My detail color will be khaki or tan (my markers didnít quite pull it off in the drawing).

I have some helmet questions: we really like some of the helmet designs on AlterEgoArmoryís page ( ). Can we use these and be official? Iím leaning toward the Guardian ( )
Also, Iíve seen some pictures of helmets with flip-up magnocular attachments. Does anyone know where I can find more about these? I wanted to add something a little different than the standard range finder attachment. If I canít find something Iíll just go with a rangefinder. Finally, we were thinking of going with a colored reflective visor color rather than black since the majority of the suits are so dark. Thinking a gold right now. Iíve seen pictures of suits with colored tint but I want to check that itís allowed.
Itís not in the picture, but I was going to wear either a desert trooper pauldron with it, or a shemagh. Or both, or mix n match. Iíll wait and see until the rest comes together more.
For weapons I was going to make the Deathwatch carbine ( )
but Iíll skip printing the scope & do something different. I like the sights Din had on it in S1E4 (the rifle he gives Omera). For a sidearm I was going to use the Disruptor Pistol ( ).

For the belt, is something like this ok ( )
 Iíll obviously put pouches and a holster on it so it wonít just be bare. I know that fast clips are a no-no, but cobra buckles like this seem suitably space-y to me (IMHO). I was going to find old surplus leather pouches for it (theyíre everywhere online, esp the lesser known European military ones).

I havenít figured out what detail work Iím going to add to the gauntlets just yet. Iíll work that out as I get closer to that part. I do know that somewhere Iím going to incorporate some thermal detonators, the little breaching charges Din uses in the show, and the stun\ion grenades from battlefront. I also have the 3d files for the Death Trooper grenades.

Suit #2 (Assaulter): Basically the same design with some minor changes. He hasnít given me a final word on which shoulders & lower body options he wants, but when he does Iíll post a drawing of that too. If I remember right his trim color will be red.
For a rifle he plans on getting this carbine ( )
and this pistol ( )
The helmet heís looking at is another AlterEgoArmory the Rook ( )
 The visor is a little different. I hope that itís allowed Ďcause he really seems to like it.

Suit #3 (?). I have the least details available on this one. I know heís in for post-imperial armor with the same basic color scheme. I know he intends to buy a helmet and he favorís the Fett style wider helmet, but Iím not sure which. Heís got 501st experience so he has an idea about staying within CRLís. Iím not too worried about not hearing as much from him, weíve worked on costume stuff together before.

I know this was an info text wall. Any feedback I can get will be helpful, Iím about to pull the trigger on buying parts and budgeting 3d prints. Iím also stuck finding templates for the newer armor.

 Edit: I got the pictures inserted! Took me a bit to get right...
 :vizsla: :like:
Armor Concepts / Re: Custom Shoulder Build
« Last post by Woody556 on Nov 26, 2020, 09:07 PM »
Updated the shoulder today and I think it looks much better. Any thoughts?

Fetts / Re: Az's Kit #2 WIP - Geonosis Jango Fett
« Last post by Jennari on Nov 26, 2020, 05:27 PM »
Nice work so far. And great sources. I bought my harness and boots from Gio and Arturo as well.
Canon / Re: *NOTICE* New Canon Board for The Mandalorian incoming!
« Last post by Vraeden on Nov 26, 2020, 04:01 PM »
Hmmm, you (as a Retired Member) should be able to see the same boards as OM, Supporter and Auxiliary Members.  I'll check in with Tech Team.
Canon / Re: *NOTICE* New Canon Board for The Mandalorian incoming!
« Last post by Kitala-Enby on Nov 26, 2020, 03:55 PM »
Refresh the page. Can you see those boards now?

Still nothing
Armor Concepts / Re: New Costumer
« Last post by Niliu on Nov 26, 2020, 01:35 PM »
If you plan on attaching your plates with velcro you shouldn't lose any length on either the pants or the shirt. For the shirt, I would recommend probably going a size up if your stomach shows with raising your arms and you shouldnt be able to tell it's actually 2 pieces - though the chances you will be fully raising your arms up over your head isn't very high lol

Alrighty, so I ordered a scrub top online, I was able to find a mens top so ideally XL will work better. Since I won't be losing length, I went with the XL pants as well.
Gauntlets / Re: Gauntlets - First Scratch Build WIP
« Last post by Vercopaanir on Nov 26, 2020, 12:21 PM »
So I sanded down my Bondo and added a another layer of primer.  Followed by three layer of my base silver color on top of which I put a clear coat.

Then I followed my paint scheme and did my base matte gray.  Followed by my slightly off white second color.  Then the black accents.  I haven't added the gold highlights yet.  So that is still in the to do column.

I also added the keys to the key pad.  I made them out of left over visor material contact cemented to foam that had been sprayed with plastidip.  This gave them a hard top but a squishy bottom so that they can be 'pressed' but don't look like they're made of foam. 

They're almost done!

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