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Armor Concepts / Re: KG's First Armor Concept
« Last post by KickGalvanic on Today at 04:08 PM »
Thanks, guys! Another general/probably-stupid question: is garbage can armor still permitted? It doesn't say it's not, I don't think, but I figured I should probably check before I go buy anything.

Verco: The ab plate's segmented, yeah, and if I do go the backplate route, I'll probably wind up doing that. Still worried about getting it to fit right, but it should be a little easier than trying for a solid one-piece option. Hopefully.

Reginmund:Is it necessary for the flight suit and vest to be visually distinct? A lot of the reason I went for the black-on-black thing (aside from it looking freaking awesome) is because I wanted them to blend together and not be obviously separate pieces. And thanks for the tip on weathering, I'll definitely be looking into that.
Weapons Armory / Westar 45 - TFA Era inspired Westar
« Last post by Ronan on Today at 04:02 PM »
I am working on a new kit that is gong to be influenced by TFA.  I have noticed most weapons have a more modern feel vs 70's tech.  So I started playing around and seeing what i could come up with.  This is my imagining of what Deathwatch would be using in the TFA era.

After a couple hours, this is what I came up with.  A couple of the pieces were place holders.

Little more designing and came up with this

I sent it to my buddy to print it for me.  We made a few more changes to give it a better feel

My plan now is to clean it up, cast it and paint it.

Crusader/Neo Crusader Armor / Re: Ludor Jatu's WIP
« Last post by Ludor on Today at 03:57 PM »
Well thank you, and here is an update from the recent convention (don't mind thew Deadpool impersonator, I didn't)

Mandalorian Q&A / Re: Question - Helmet templates?
« Last post by Raestin Ke'Varek on Today at 03:47 PM »
All of the club's archived templates can be found at this link:
It sounds like a cool idea vod...but I'd caution you to be sure and think about how realistic that would be, given the materials that the modern era helmets were generally made of.  Most helmets would be too strong for teeth to actually puncture and stick in the helmet.  Bite "marks" though, would be more realistic.  :)
Day 51 - New Helmet 9/24/16

So I went to Nerdbotcon today with the intention of picking up a helmet from NME Props and I did. It just wasn't the one I thought I was going to get. I had planned to get the NME Assassin but when we were at the booth my wife noticed the NME Stalker and liked it a lot and suggested I get it. So I did because I'm a smart man and do what my wife tells me. Its the medium size and it already had the visor installed (removable for paint). So here it is in all its paint ready glory.

Now I have to rethink my paint layout to take into account all the new detail on the Stalker. I'm keeping the same basic color scheme and layout but will be adding to it so all the sculpting details pop. But I don't have to do the visor work, which was worth the extra money btw. I want to work on electronics (LEDs and a fan or two if I can get them to fit) before I get to paint though so I have some time.
Armor Concepts / Re: First Mando Design [Helmet]
« Last post by Thes Nazud on Today at 02:58 PM »
I used printer cardstock for my templates, I would thing that layered together would. E pretty doable...
Mandalorian Q&A / Question - Helmet templates?
« Last post by bolakor on Today at 02:41 PM »
I have a question about:

Before i made an account i saw a post about printable helmet templates, but now i can't find them. can someone link me to a template of a basic Mando helmet?

Just four more days until the toy release!  If you can give, please do so.  It'll really make those kids' day.
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