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Armor Concepts / Re: New Costumer
« Last post by Kurshi BeJahaal on Today at 11:50 PM »
Fenn makes quality stuff and I highly recommend him! I do apologize about them helmet. It's hard to juggle real life and Mando life sometimes. We all fall short here and there, but I'm glad that you're in the process of getting a resolution.
Armor Construction / Template size
« Last post by Dukester32 on Today at 11:34 PM »

First templates for my armor, is the size ok?

Armor Construction / Re: Working on something "vile" (WIP)
« Last post by Zander Yurami on Today at 10:18 PM »
Finished my helm and "took my armor to the gym"

Helmets / Re: Helmet Design Question
« Last post by Bryn Cin'Prudii on Today at 10:18 PM »
I think using the approved helmet base of the Mountaineer is a good choice.

I am struggling to think what specific part of the faceplate you want to use. Is it the cut out? Is it the wolf motif that is inlaid?

Recall you will need 2/3s of the vertical section of the visor showing.
Armor Construction / Re: WIP - Max armour build - RO
« Last post by J'Khara Vontess on Today at 10:09 PM »
The cardboard mock-ups look good! I personally like the look of the second set of shoulder armor. And all of the cardboard pieces look like they fit you well too.
Legacy Era Mandalorians / Legacy WIP
« Last post by astephy on Today at 09:54 PM »
Hello Everyone,

Here is my Legacy Armor that I have been working on. Forgot to take pictures as I went. I am really liking the way it is turning out. Sorry no pictures wearing yet. Any advice

This is the look I am going for.
Equipment & Accessories / Re: Possible Sidearm Advice Wanted
« Last post by Erio J'uni on Today at 09:45 PM »
You can print Rhino 60 and modify it pretty easily.  Just swap out the barrel, change the cylinder, add some greeblies and an unnecessary scope or two and voila!
Soft Parts / Re: Flightsuit Question
« Last post by Starling on Today at 09:44 PM »
As far as I know, yes! You’d probably have to take off or cover the imperial symbol though.
I've got some leatherworking experience, if you're interested, and those holsters don't look particularly difficult.
Equipment & Accessories / Re: blaster using a MAT49 as a base
« Last post by Fenn Ryse on Today at 09:21 PM »
That sounds pretty cool, especially if you can find a MAT49 replica or parts kit online.
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