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Soft Parts / Re: Cotton Flak Vest?
« Last post by Arceane64 on Today at 04:54 PM »
Ah, I see. It's been a while since I brushed up on the CRLs so that's where my fault lies. Thank you!
Armor Construction / Re: The Peachtree Mando Kit WIP
« Last post by Tramp Graphics on Today at 04:25 PM »
Personally, I think it looks fine as is. There is nothing in the CRLs that requires that the collar plate be perpendicular to the torso plates. If you were doing ESB Boba Fett, that would be a different story, but most images of Mandalorians donít have the collar plate at that extreme of an angle. Most of the ones Iíve seen form a continuous curve from the pectoral plates to the collar, and over the shoulders to the back plate. 
TCW/Rebels / Re: TCW S7 Gar Saxon Mauldalorian WIP
« Last post by Rayne on Today at 04:13 PM »
The lighting looks really good! Canít wait to see it all together!
Soft Parts / Re: Cotton Flak Vest?
« Last post by Tramp Graphics on Today at 04:13 PM »
Unfortunately, the CRLs forbids the use of T-shirts as flack vests, or in their construction. The same with sweatshirts.

Armor/flak vest:
Armor/flak vest must be worn under armor plates including Legacy plates
MOLLE/TAC and paintball style vests may be used without any modification. However, the armor must be of a canon or custom style that completely covers the vest. If the vest is visible, it must be modified sufficiently to no longer appear as a store bought MOLLE/TAC vest.
Vests may be traditional Boba/Jango-style or custom style. If you have a question about your vest, please see the App Team Q+A: App Team Q&A
Ensure vest is properly fitted/tailored to you. Baggy and oversized vests are not acceptable. Zipper pull tabs and velcro must be completely hidden from sight.
The vest must be comprised of solid color block(s). No printed fabric may be used as part of a vest.
Laces, zippers, parachute buckles, velcro and cloth or leather strapping are all acceptable methods of closure.
Zippers must be color matched with flight suit/flak vest.
The vest must not extend past waist items. If the vest is covered by one or more items, the flak vest must be pulled taut and not bunch up at the waist
Vest fabric must be thick enough to support armor plates without sagging, creasing, or wrinkling and be constructed from quality fabric. Suggested materials include cotton or cotton twill, nylon, duck cloth, leather/imitation leather, or quilted fabric. Stretch materials may only be used if they are form fitting and reinforced enough to support the armor plates without sagging.
Vests can be made of multiple panels of different solid colors.
T-shirts are not acceptable as armor vest material.
Any additional torso coverings that cover the flight suit but go under the vest must have sleeves that end above mid-bicep, and must not extend past the bottom of the lowest waist item.
TCW/Rebels / Re: Ursa Wren WIP
« Last post by Rayne on Today at 04:12 PM »
Your test pants turned out pretty good! Little bit of ironing would fix the couple of spots I see puckering a bit. Nice job!
Female Armor / Re: Bri'a WIP
« Last post by Bri'a on Today at 03:11 PM »
I have finished my holster and am working on the armor now! The holster was bought from a military surplus store. I cut the straps from the top so that the blaster can fit it in without being scratched. This holster was already worn and beat up, so I didn't have to weather it!

I was originally going to have the holster directly on the belt "Western Style", but it seemed very constraining and looked off. I decided to create a way to have it hang on the side of my thigh. I took an old black purse strap and cut it up to create the straps which will connect the holster to the belt.

I punched holes in the back of the holster for the clips to connect through. The bare ends of the straps were connected to the belt through leather snaps and sewing. The middle portion of the holster will also have a strap which will run through the loop around my leg. I will work on this when I get to fitting the armor. Here is the product so far:

Next, I finally got my armor from Canaife Ordo Forges off of Etsy! I planned on having a few pieces to be "accents" with the same bronze color on my helmet. I forgot to take pictures of the bare sintra, but here are a few progress pictures:

Next is the weathering of the armor and painting of the blaster/vibroblade! Excited that this is all coming together. I am confident I will have this ready by Halloween lol.
Female Armor / Re: Bri'a WIP
« Last post by Bri'a on Today at 02:56 PM »
Kit is looking fantastic! Great job integrating the splatter accident into the weathering.

Thanks so much!!  :like:
Armor Construction / Re: The Peachtree Mando Kit WIP
« Last post by NegativeEleven on Today at 02:13 PM »
My only note is the same as before. The collar should be horizontal, not vertical, like almost 90 degrees to the chest plates. It's especially noticeable from the side views. It probably won't hold up your approval, but something that makes a kit look more polished.

Nope. Those are Hiram pants or modified hakama. The only ďskirtingĒ is the trailing sash front and back in the right side. This is explicitly evident in the Disney Gallery video. Itís not a wraparound skirt. Itís his pants.
Soft Parts / Cotton Flak Vest?
« Last post by Arceane64 on Today at 01:55 PM »
I've started work on a fairly basic kit as I move up toward building an MMCC-standard one, looking to try out different ideas and methods to make something as reasonable and affordable as possible, so that when I start the polished kit, I can just go.

Currently I'm thinking about a fairly basic flak vest. My current idea is to take two 90/10% cotton light grey t-shirts and line one with the other to effectively pad out the vest. I'll also consider hemming up the sides as needed to fit me better. The kit will be Post-Imperial so I'm planning to cut down the sleeves to about 25% the original size and double layer the leftover edge so that I can attach the shoulder bells in a similar way to the Boba vest, and either cut the vest off at the bottom of my ribcage or fold the excess inside the shirt and stitch it up for four layers of padding. I'm planning to try using industrial velcro for the armor connections at first so that I can adjust the pieces as needed and take it off or put it on without needing to worry about a zipper or other connection. I'll also try to widen the collar and add additional stitching running lengthwise around the entire vest for texture and reinforcement.

Basically, my primary concern is if the idea I have in mind is going to be heavy duty enough to work, to maintain a solid shape and fit my form. In theory, the cotton will be thick enough and stiff enough with four layers of material plus the additional threadwork to provide a contrast against the flight suit material I'll be using (darker grey), but I did want to throw this idea out there before I grabbed the materials. I'm open to hearing differing opinions as well as ideas of how I can line the vest other than re-layering the same material inside the vest, and if there is another option for shirt that someone can recommend then I'm happy to hear it.

Here's the shirts I'm planning to use, super basic Fruit of the Loom 90% cotton 10% polyester t-shirt:

Vor entye for any help you can give me!
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