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Weapons Armory / Re: DH-3 WIP
« Last post by jbolander6 on Today at 01:18 PM »
I kinda ran into a snag with wiring on it And put it off to the side. Actually I almost forgot about it. Time to dust her off and get back at it.
Armor Concepts / Re: A question regarding shoulder bells.
« Last post by Cryer_Karth on Today at 01:14 PM »
I also like the asymmetrical look (in part because it drives my wife's OCD nuts)

Ohhh boy! You are one evil man and I can't say that I dislike that at all!

If you do indeed go with a pauldron of this style, might I recommend you create some piece inside the pauldron near the neck for complete coverage when you raise your arm over head, or rest it at your side. I've helped build quite a few of these for the medieval sportsmen, and you will want your high guard about where the rivets are in this picture.

You don't "NEED" the rear fin across your shoulder blade IF you don't want it. It is just more protection from behind and strikes from underneath. Hope that helps a little in your planning.

I will certainly keep this tip in mind! Right now I am still in the planning stages of how I want to do thing and I am primarily wanting to base the pauldron off of medieval documentation. Thank you both for the feedback, it is certainly appriciated!
Weapons Armory / Re: DH-3 WIP
« Last post by aforklikeutensil on Today at 01:08 PM »
Necropost commenting for update.  Neeeeeed uppppdaaaate.
Jetpacks/Backpacks / Re: Jetpack WIP
« Last post by Llenexx on Today at 01:02 PM »
Hey man the pack looks great where did you get the templates for it i would love to try and make one
Armor Concepts / Re: My Mandalorian Kit (TEMPLATES)
« Last post by Edwacoo on Today at 12:47 PM »
Agreed with the above, Plates should have a thumb width of spacing in between each of them, and I believe your plates are too large.
Helmets / Legacy Style helmet
« Last post by Llenexx on Today at 12:33 PM »
Hey guys and gals im starting my planning for my next build and im wanting to do a more legacy looking kit. i have already found templates for the body armor so ni issue there but im playing all kinds of hell finding a legacy style helmet anyone have a name i can talk to or have one wanting to sell. any help would be great.
Armor Concepts / Re: Question on using PVC pipe (foam core)
« Last post by Raestin Ke'Varek on Today at 12:24 PM »
So if anyone can tell me if it can actually be used (or why it canít be used) I would greatly appreciate the information.

I have worked in the plumbing/infrastructure wholesale industry for over 15 years now.  I'm very familiar with all of the types of PVC pipe, and you bring up a good question.  To my knowledge, I don't think anyone has tried to use PVC Foamcore pipe.  (I would be willing to bet that most people don't even know there's a difference)

So, step one would be to do some experimentation.  Go out and get a stick of it and cut/heat it up.  Take lots of pictures, make some notes on how it handles the heat, and how it shapes up once cooled. 

At that point, the app team can evaluate whether or not it will be approved.  My gut says that it will be fine, but without some real world testing, there's no way to give you a firm answer.

I hope this helps, and I look forward to hearing what you come up with!!
Female Armor / Re: ShadowRex: Armor Build
« Last post by ShadowRex on Today at 12:17 PM »

Alright - got it. NO angles allowed to show. So no angled plates. Back to the drawing board.  :(
Female Armor / Re: ShadowRex: Armor Build
« Last post by Bowfanny on Today at 11:40 AM »
You need to make your darts nearly invisible on your chest armor Vod. As it stands now your chest armor would get you a kickback on an app because the seams are very visible the armor needs to appear as one whole unit and not a darted piece.
Female Armor / Re: Ember Tracyn's Legacy Build
« Last post by Fitz Kal'ad on Today at 11:25 AM »

And that's probably why I didn't remember we had a female armor section!
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