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Cruzer has a lot of great things!
If I had lot of spare money i'd be ordering much more.
So far I've ordered an undented version.
Maybe i'll ask if he can change the order. Or i get the other Jetpack.

I have check a few pics tonight and decide then.

Armor Planning / Re: First pass
« Last post by Peppersandwich on Today at 06:34 AM »
That kit looks amazing!

Thanks for the tip, spent most of yesterday evening reading weathering tuts. :)
Female Armor / Re: Question about the Chest Armor Template
« Last post by Kris Jasra on Today at 05:21 AM »
Best way to fit templates is to put the collar plate on first. And add your girth/sash and belt. Then you will know exactly where the chest and ab plate will need to sit as you'll have the gap that needs fitting.

As you said, no one size fits all template, so you may need to adjust where the curve is on the template to fit your body shape. Also remember to wear one bra while fitting that will be the same comfortable one you'll be wearing while trooping. No good fitting with a push up underwired bra then wearing a sports bra as nothing will sit right.
Since we still haven't had luck finding this verdika, what if we contact a more national news agency? Idk if that would be allowed or not, but if it is I'm sure this is a special interest piece that a news network would eat up. Idk, just an idea.

Contact Saz about this. He could help.
Armor Components / Re: Nevar's budget build
« Last post by Bowfanny on Today at 03:38 AM »
That's what I meant, the cradle needs to cradle something whether it's rocket or some form of cradle mounted weapons system.
Armor Components / Re: Nevar's budget build
« Last post by Peregrine on Today at 03:37 AM »
Normally I'd give someone a funny look, if they talked about strapping a garbage can to their back for a costume, but seeing this come along, I think you could rock it.

Also, a pack of fuzzy killing machines is very fitting for a mando.  ;D
Armor Planning / Re: First pass
« Last post by Syko Voss on Today at 02:52 AM »
Cool - if it's any help/inspiration here's the Sabine-inspired kit I made for my wife, Jayne (Nikjay Voss)

It's got a good level of weathering and dirt washing on it, but as you can see I took the standard Femmando plates and helmet and twisted it in the direction of Sabine (more pics in my WIP) - the trick with such strong colours and selling it as a 'realistic'/believable Star Wars movie style armour, not a Halloween costume is going to come down to being fearless with paint chipping and dirt washes.

Best of luck with the kit!
Soft Parts / Re: Sabine Wren Holster Clips
« Last post by Kar'ta Tionas on Today at 02:41 AM »
I was thinking about how this could be done and it occurred to me that you might be able to use two separate flat rectangular belt loops.  If you glued the belt loop in place on the holster strap, glued the second loop in place on the belt, and then glued the straps together, you'd probably achieve a similar look. Placement would be key, however it might be an easier work around than making your own pieces.  The obvious downside is that the only thing holding the pieces together would be leather glue (which is pretty tough, though I've never tried it simply by itself).
Loops kind of like this:
Armor Planning / Re: First pass
« Last post by Peppersandwich on Today at 02:31 AM »
British Columbia Stronghold / Re: HELLO! VODE
« Last post by Serim Merec on Today at 02:04 AM »
My original plan was to use tote bins, so I've done some research on working with these kinda things (though that was a while ago). From what I remember the best thing you could do was use a high grit sandpaper and go at both surfaces to take off a coating of some sort that supposedly can give you trouble when shaping. Then it seems like the best way to heat it up was to dip the plates in boiling water for a couple minutes, pull them out and shape them, then dunk them in ice water to shock them into retaining their new shape. I've heard of people then sticking them in the freezer to further help in the shock phase.

Make sure you have someone to help you if you plan to use boiling water! There is a serious risk of burns! If you can, it may be a good idea to take Gnar-Gnar up on his sintra offer.
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