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Armor Components / Re: Armor v.1 update #2 posted- C&C desired
« Last post by TI-8342 on Today at 12:18 PM »
One thing I figured I'd comment on: Your cod should curve inwards, as well as having a strap to connect to the back of your belt. Otherwise, once you get your girth belt and ammo belt on, the bottom of your cod will start to swing outwards. Not a good look for a Mando, that.
Armor Planning / Re: Knife gauntlets?
« Last post by Pirun on Today at 12:17 PM »
Okay, thank you very much vod'e. I was originally considering a spring-loaded one or a manual one but since a spring-loaded one is off limits I am thinking of a manual one with a lock I can set to keep in retracted or extended ( though I will keep it retracted during trooping).
Armor Planning / Re: Cheap Sintra/PVC foam board prices?
« Last post by Am Vindam on Today at 12:15 PM »
Oh absolutely. Even if you're doing, like, heavy coverage with three layers of trauma plates. 4' by 8' is a lot of sintra ;D

You can get a heck of alot out of a 4x8 sheet. Plenty to spare for error!
Armor Components / Re: My first (official) kit WIP
« Last post by Tepp Audama on Today at 12:10 PM »
What kind of knees do you want?  I bet they could be easily made out of materials I have laying around.
Armor Components / Re: My first (official) kit WIP
« Last post by JasterRaiak on Today at 11:59 AM »
Just got my codpiece from Tact Kor, thanks a bunch vod! Now I'm going to paint it, plus my blaster, as well as look into a Stalker Helmet for the kit
Helmets / Re: Warspirit's bucket
« Last post by Bowfanny on Today at 11:53 AM »
Lol i don't doubt you a single minute vod ! 😀
I did it this past weekend for 9.5 hours the first day and 5 hours on second day. It was fun, although my fan kits will be going back in the helmet here before this next weekend because im doing a library event. I can't wait to see where else you're going with this helmet Vod it's looking very nice.
Helmets / Re: New Metalhead aka oooooooo shiny dome
« Last post by Alor'ika Gett'syc'kote on Today at 11:48 AM »
Well there are two holes drilled out so I can see currently. Going to be doodling on it tomorrow to get the maker an idea of the t-visor for when he gets around to his. He screwed up on scale, and this happens to fit my head with my glasses on.
Just checking for some feedback on this ammobelt I have no idea what the cylinders were for some sort of 70's electronics just want to know if it looked like ammo

Those would be FS-2 florescent light fixture starters for fixtures that lacked ballasts. Great idea for a futuristic ammo.
Helmets / Re: Warspirit's bucket
« Last post by WarSpirit on Today at 11:43 AM »
Lol i don't doubt you a single minute vod ! 😀
Helmets / Re: Kaosu's Bucket Bucket
« Last post by kaosukoden on Today at 11:41 AM »
grabbed a fresh cutting tool for my dremel and it cut like a champ. very light sanding and I'll be putting Bondo on as soon as I know i have a few hours to sit down and do it.
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