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Soft Parts / Re: Vest material
« Last post by Hik'aari Kelborn on Today at 03:14 AM »
As Havelock has said you will most certainly want to get a photo of it online. Textures like that can be funny depending on how they have been printed if it *could* look Transdoshan or if it is obviously croc. Sounds like an intriguing combo though
Gauntlets / Re: Araz's Gauntlets
« Last post by Arazmoth on Today at 01:56 AM »
nice! i'll try that too.

So this is the tutorial I went off it's pretty straightfoward, the only thing I have changed is that I have cut the pipe at an angle because I have small wrists :laugh:
Legacy Era Mandalorians / Darius Blakk, Hunter of the Dishonored
« Last post by DariusBlakk on Today at 01:50 AM »
Man, I've started and restarted the introduction to this WiP multiple times.  Instead of elegant, I'll go for blunt.

I'm Darius.  10 year AF vet, struggling with being in the civilian world and hoping that working with my hands helps me.  The Mercs have helped me, become a surrogate family.  It all adds up to me being here.  I've been with my local clan for almost two years, and helped others get their kits ready.  Between intense work hours, and a tendency of being locked in a loop of inaction/indecision, my kit has been a slow starter.  I tried a WiP in the general Armor Construction forum, but it seemed a non-starter.  Here's a link:  So I'm coming to the experts here.

First, I was inspired by the executioner helmet.  With that in mind, I wanted to extend its look to my entire kit.  Came up with the idea of a Mando Executioner, hunter of Mando's that have dishonored our name.  Breakers of contract, betrayers of those we were hired to protect.  So I delved the internet and came up with a few photos.

From there, I started in on some sketches:

Expanded out some more shots for inspiration, specific to different pieces:

And finally, some actual progress...although there's a long way to go:

Test fits:

For color scheme, it's a layered approach, based on the piece.  Base armor plates will be a Nurgle Green, bone structures will be hammered silver, muscle detailing a dark gold, and layered carapace pieces will be steel.

For weapons, I've been waffling back and forth from a number of different choices.  Some form of executioner blade, a heavy blaster, and explosives. 

Man, after making this post, and putting up what progress I really shows how little I've accomplished so far.  So much left to do.
Weapons Armory / Re: 3D Printed Knife WIP
« Last post by TimeLordKeldeo on Today at 12:28 AM »
          I've done some more work on the blade, but it actually broke again, and once more after I took the picture:

          I took the opportunity to sand the fuller, now more easily accessible, and filled in the hollow parts of the blade with hot glue (Gorilla brand... almost indestructible stuff):

          I then took a few pages from Narsil/Anduril's book and glued the pieces back together, again with Gorilla brand hot glue. After sanding to make sure that everything was mostly even again, I ended up with this:

          It's going to need far more substantial Bondo work now, but at least it's intact.
Female Armor / Re: Just Another Sabine S3 WIP
« Last post by maddiekayray on Today at 12:26 AM »
Got a whole lot knocked out today!!

Fiberglassed gauntlets. Just gotta putty the outside, sand out the fiberglass on the inside, final sand, and prime! Then weathering and painting begins...

Here shown are my elbows and knees. You can see I've already started weathering and had just latexed all the edges.

PAINTING HAS BEGUN!!! This is where I stopped for the night. Well... will stop.... when the latex on my shins dry and I can apply the purple and orange.

Oh... sprayed my commlink hammered black and splattered it lightly with some paint. Pics when I get the slate blue and add the yellow. It's small, and a pretty minor detail, but I think that's why I like it so much.
Armor Concepts / Re: need help with gauntlets
« Last post by gaataylir vorpan on Today at 12:23 AM »
Your best bet is going to be looking in the Mandalorian Supply Depot.  There are vendors there who offer gaunts for reasonable prices and good quality.  Under the Supply Depot is another board, the Items Wanted section.  You could make this post there, as well.
thanks Vod!
Equipment & Accessories / Re: (Kai Aurkesh) E-11 blaster prop
« Last post by Zando on Jan 20, 2017, 11:34 PM »
I'm brand new here vod, so I don't know how much help I can be, but it looks to me like you've done an awesome job. All I can see from my very limited experience is that the silver on the handle looks a little too bright. The weathering will be a bit more convincing if you grimy up the handle so it looks like it's been in a pair of dusty, occasionally (or not, depending on how much maintainence your Mando's ship requires) oily gloves for years.
Armor Concepts / Re: Design Concept for First Armor
« Last post by Legion on Jan 20, 2017, 10:51 PM »
Depends, as it will largely come down to comfort level. If you're okay with the extra weight of the turtleneck, probably best - certainly easiest.
Armor Concepts / Re: Design Concept for First Armor
« Last post by Squeaknobi on Jan 20, 2017, 10:39 PM »
I am at the sleeve construction of my jumpsuit. I've been thinking it over again and was wondering on options. Would it be better to sew short sleeves and wear a long sleeve turtle neck underneath that is a close color (so it still has the double sleeve look) or just sew the double sleeves and attaching a high collar to the suit?
Armor Construction / Re: Havelock's first kit (and 3rd ad'ika) WIP
« Last post by jett drexel on Jan 20, 2017, 10:08 PM »
now they look cool mate.
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