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Armor Components / Re: Havelock's first kit (and 3rd ad'ika) WIP
« Last post by Verco Nuhla on Today at 10:29 PM »
Oh, definitely battle damage. Always battle damage  ;D And sounds like a fun story, get him kitted up and trooping as well lol

On the other hand, I would either attach the "key" to the top of the gauntlet as a holotransmitter, or use it to cap an RF stalk if your bucket has one. Definitely leaning towards the former though, it screams holo-something to me  :P
This is coming along really well.  Keep up the awesome work, vod.
Thanks vod!


After making the necessary adjustments I think I'm just about ready for a paint job! I right chest plat (my left) is a little wonky (I've fixed that, just don't want to be wrapped up in a roll of tape again for pics!), but overall...How do they look vode?? Also, as you can see, I've added my bicepts.

Armor Components / Re: My First full Mando Armor! WIP
« Last post by EKreed on Today at 10:22 PM »
Heres a small update on the armor. Ive had to stop working on it as much because of job restraints. I am going to have to wait to work on the cloth parts of the gear set until I can find a place that I can layout the patterns on the cloth Ive chosen. A tiny slow down, but not one that is a real hindrance of any sort at this time.

I didnt like the ear "caps" as they looked alone. So i merged them with the original ear pieces that i made that are 20% larger when i was trying to scale the helmet, so it actually helps fill the gap that I needed since i adjusted the helmet another way after the initial build phase.

The rectangular holes in each "cap" will have some kind of screen or light in it as well as 2 antenna coming out of the top "cap" section. I will get a picture of that when i get to that point.
Armor Components / Re: Havelock's first kit (and 3rd ad'ika) WIP
« Last post by Havelock on Today at 10:10 PM »
Long story short, we sort of adopted a 19 year old.  It's been...interesting.   :laugh:

To get to the point however, so that Dha Bral doesn't track me down and beat stuffing out of me...  :P

I managed to steal a couple hours today for some kit work.  I was given a baggie full of greeblies, and for once I was able to look at these various bits and get some ideas to use them on my gauntlets.  And Kira here on the forums, one of the only other Mercs in Savannah, had some awesome ideas, too. 

So here's some of the parts I chose:

Then did a little work on them:

I don't know how well you can see it, but I put some holes in the circular part with the barrel sticking out of it to make it sort of flame thrower-y:

That piece that looks a bit like a futuristic key - the piece at the bottom of the first couple of shots - I'm not sure what to do with that, but it's a really cool looking bit and I really want to integrate it into my gauntlet somehow.  Any ideas would be appreciated.

The greeblies were just a warm-up, though.  My main goal for the day was to work on my bucket.

Using my new dremel 3000 (it's such an amazingly sweet device!) I managed to get the visor area cut out - leaving one section for support while I sand, paint, and finish it up.

I even managed to get started on cutting out the key slots.  Got a decent amount done before my hand cramped up too badly to keep going.  heh

And,  I wouldn't be me if I didn't screw up somewhere along the way.  I accidentally cut a couple of small gouges out:

The picture isn't the greatest, but there's a couple of little gouges there on the visor faceplate.  I haven't decided if I'm going to fix them, or leave them and incorporate them as battle damage.  Opinions?  Please?   :D

And, to cap off the day, my boots arrived.  Woohoo!

Next up is lots and lots and lots of sanding on the visor cut-out.  And shaping my plates.  And hopefully I'll have pics of my flak vest to post this week, too.
Helmets / Pluto's Helmet WIP
« Last post by ProvokedPluto on Today at 09:51 PM »
Hello everybody,

I received my J2P today so I got to work on modifying my helmet! I'll be picking up my expanded PVC(Celtec instead of Sintra) tomorrow or Friday.

I didn't think to take any pictures while I was working, so here's where I finished today. I'll replace the cheeks when I get my "Sintra".

As of 5/25, I have:
Removed visor
Sanded visor studs
Cut and sanded keyholes
Sanded main body of helmet

I haven't gotten my new visor material yet, but should I do the epoxying and bondoing before or after I connect the visor? I think It'd be easier to connect if it were still two pieces.

Also, anybody have good visor suggestions? I'd like dark black, but a silver would be really cool too.

Thanks for reading!
Helmets / Re: NME Assassin helmet
« Last post by The Unknown Mando on Today at 09:29 PM »
Are you wanting to mod the helmet? Add dents, cracks.....physical damage?
Change design abit?
Or just change things abit with paint?
Is your character an assassin, or just assassin styled helmet?
What things do you like? Do you like respirators, rebreathers? Range finders, torches, mini fletchette launchers hidden in ear caps, antennae like vizsla, custom visor colour, custom visor shape, backlit visor or lit like Ric commando..... Years ago someone offered a bucket with huge mythosaur skull on it, could you do that to your assassin.
Add teeth to it , either real or painted like ww2 planes......even a tasteful pin up on it somehow. Addition of tubes or pipes
Just a few off top of the unbalanced head

Or a lot of rust
Thanks!! Looking forward to seeing more of your kit as well.
Mandalorian Protectors / Re: Kyra Zem Protector WIP
« Last post by Lynn TXP 0369 on Today at 08:59 PM »
Looks really good, I like the color scheme.
Armor Components / Re: Harcadus work log..
« Last post by Harcadus on Today at 08:47 PM »
A tiny little update...
Plumbing hoses.
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