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Weapons Armory / Re: Custom Blaster
« Last post by Jal Korvo on Today at 07:30 PM »
I believe had I not posted the before picture there is a chance few would have guessed what it was lol.

It's definitely very shotgun/mare's leg-esque, vod. I agree about modding the barrel a bit. Or it might look awesome as-is, sans scope and mag. It's good work so far though.
Weapons Armory / Re: Custom Blaster
« Last post by LusjoOrdo on Today at 07:04 PM »
I believe had I not posted the before picture there is a chance few would have guessed what it was lol.
Weapons Armory / Re: Custom Blaster
« Last post by Jag Cabur on Today at 06:42 PM »
Speaking of 'thinly disguised', wasn't one of the rebel commandos on Endor in RotJ using a gun that was just a bolt-action Gewehr rifle with a muzzle device and some wiring added?
Weapons Armory / Re: Roush's weapons thread
« Last post by Roushmustang on Today at 06:39 PM »
Made progress on the shotgun thanks to an armor party today. Most of the screw holes filled with bondo
Armor Construction / Re: Tol'ika WiP - First kit
« Last post by Tol'ika on Today at 02:28 PM »
Went to a clanmate's house this Friday to get my backplate done and formed up.. I had a metal one that I'd bought a while ago, but we decided for now it would be a lot easier to just do a quick one out of sintra. It was indeed a lot easier. A couple minutes of oven-cooking and a glimpse of the more intimate side of Mandalorian blacksmithing, (my friend pushing me against the wall and putting all of his weight on the backplate while it cooled  :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:) we got it done. I originally wanted to do a jango-style shape but for now, this should be ok to get me approved. I can always make another later.

I need to touch up the edges, it's a little uneven on the bottom because we didn't cut it from a template.

He also noticed that my ab plate was slightly too wide - it poked out past the chest fangs and he said that the approval team would call me out on it. So, we trimmed it up. It looks better now, I haven't taken a picture of it currently, though. Here's where we trimmed. Also, my collar plate has adequate spacing, this was just a bad picture angle.

Luckily I won't have to repaint it, just touch up the white showing on the edges of the sintra with a brush and glue the magnets back on. The biggest annoyance about it is that I'll have to re-sew the magnet pouches I had for it on my vest. I'm not great at sewing so these tend to take me a while to do, haha.

I also got my EE-3 in from Aprilstorm, working on finishing it now. I got some gauntlets from her, too, but they're too small so I'm getting a different pair.


I have done the initial shaping of the backplate pieces.  It's hard to get a feel for it right now.  I'm going to be finishing up the vest and will do an attachment to the vest later this weekend (or try to). Here are the initial pics:

Shoulder Bells

Here's the new shoulder bells:

Ab Plate

I had to tweak the shape on the outside of the ab plate.  Here's an updated pic:

Weapons Armory / Re: Custom Blaster
« Last post by TheTKO on Today at 01:20 PM »
Well done mate! Like this shotgun/sniper mix !
TCW/Rebels / Re: Mirdala Senaar’s Ursa Wren Build Thread
« Last post by Mina Vau on Today at 12:49 PM »
Hey, Mirdala! Your build is looking great and I'm glad those holsters got in fine! I'll keep an eye on your WIP. I'm progressing pretty slowly on my Ursa build too.
Armor Construction / Re: Roush's armor wip
« Last post by Roushmustang on Today at 11:05 AM »
Here we go, in the home stretch!

Collar armor painted:

Ab plate and 1 chest plate:
Helmets / Re: Helmet scratch build help
« Last post by Thrawndike Bar on Today at 10:21 AM »
That might work.  I'll have to cut it out in chunks.   Thanks!
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