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Armor Planning / Re: my latest neo-crusador shock trooper armor plan
« Last post by PKL on Today at 06:51 PM »
do i need to have a flak vest for this kit, because this kit doesn't have 1 in the pic, so its a bit weird i guess...
Helmets / Re: My Helmet WIP
« Last post by Knightwarrier on Today at 06:49 PM »
Holy cow! I won't be doing mine indoors when it comes. Cutting the aluminum with a dremil wasn't too bad, nothing like that anyway.
Equipment & Accessories / Re: Carbine WIP
« Last post by Tohr on Today at 06:09 PM »
The link does work; I like what you've got so far, keep it up :)

Thanks vod!

And since I still can't figure out the pics, here's another link with my progress:

Added a new stock, added gripping to the barrel.

I am debating putting a 'gas chamber' on the back end (I'm holding it in the one photo to demonstrate) and would ask for anybodies opinion on that.

I also need advice on how to fill in the gaps on the sides, so any help would be much appreciated!
Crusader/Neo Crusader Armor / Re: Late Crusader Concept.
« Last post by Mirdala Galaar on Today at 06:00 PM »
I've started doing a breakdown of the plates.

Here is a better drawing of how I plan to do the vest.

I'm not sure whether or not to do the vest in two pieces and stitch them together, or to make the vest one piece.

In the original picture I did not see any armor in abdomen area, but the CRL's for Crusaders stipulates that an ab plate is required.
Any thoughts?

Here are the shoulder plates:

The center plate:

And the helmet (the bottom two):

Does anyone have a pep file for this helmet or know someone who can make one? I'm not that adept with pepakura.
I'm going under the assumption that the armor is symmetrical.

Any help is welcome.  :)
Helmets / Re: My Helmet WIP
« Last post by Bowfanny on Today at 05:34 PM »
Something like this!

And yes it's all sanding dust from cleaning up a couple helmets.
Soft Parts / Re: Would these boots work as my Mandalorian boots?
« Last post by BrimStone on Today at 05:32 PM »
Ok thank you good to know.
Soft Parts / Re: Would these boots work as my Mandalorian boots?
« Last post by Kebii'laar on Today at 05:28 PM »
You'll get more responses if you post the direct image using the img tags, like so:

Code: [Select]
Here's the image:

And I don't think there'll be much of an issue, just make sure all logos are removed or covered.  Personally, I would wear those boots with the flight suit pants covering the chimney, but that's not a requirement. 

Also, keep in mind the heat factor.  If it's too hot you'll be sweating buckets in there and your boots will be fifteen shades of funky in no time.  But again, that's not an issue, just something to think about.
Armor Components / Re: Lupus Kand'do restart WIP (PIC HEAVY)
« Last post by Roe Montar on Today at 05:26 PM »
I think if you're not careful, im going to surpass you and then have to drag you along with me :D

Looks good though! I reaaaaallly like the belt.
Armor Planning / Re: First time making any costume!
« Last post by Kebii'laar on Today at 05:21 PM »
You'll want to use the image tags, you'll get a wider audience that way.  Here's how it's done:

Code: [Select]
And here's the picture that works:

Unfortunately the first picture (the one you used MandoMaker for) isn't working.  You'll need to upload it to an image hosting site (imgur and photobucket have free accounts) and link the image from there.
Soft Parts / Re: Would these boots work as my Mandalorian boots?
« Last post by BrimStone on Today at 05:02 PM »
Any thoughts or comments on this would be great.  :)
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