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Armor Construction / Re: Straka Zulu, Brigades or Bust!
« Last post by Straka Zulu on Today at 09:40 PM »
Okay... bit of a delay in getting my ComMando, and it has me thinking, what should I do for the visor?  I'm debating a couple of variants, but was also thinking of just going with the standard "T".  Also looking into a mirrored tinted, maybe a green.
Soft Parts / Re: Question: Vest closure
« Last post by jett drexel on Today at 08:51 PM »
As long as the velcro is completely concealed by the flap it's fine... if you want some reference take a look at the mow studios replica boba fett vest as it uses this very method of closure. ;)
Helmets / Re: J2P Rubies _ _ _ WIP
« Last post by Cabuor Verd on Today at 08:13 PM »
I don't have a T-Visor branded visor, just a regular green welding sheet I cut a visor out of. You may be able to gently heat the visor with a heat gun and shape it that way. Have you contacted them to see if they have any ideas?

Cheers Tek Sa'an,
I have sent off a message to the company asking for their advice, I hadn't thought of that so thanks.
 I saw your post about the welding shield, but because of the glue I used to keep the halves together the helmet was a bit flimsy, and  I was wanting to use a stronger visor to compensate for that.

After I get this visor in place all that I should need to do is a neck seal and then it will be done.
Soft Parts / Question: Vest closure
« Last post by FabledFalcon412 on Today at 07:59 PM »
Alright, I decided to make my own vest. My first sewing endeavor, thankfully my wife has sewn before.

My question on the vest is for the closure. I was thinking of doing an overlapping flap on the side (one or both not sure yet) of the vest that closed with Velcro my thinking is that way I can get it pretty snug without having to be super exact on the measurements and it is less sewing as well.

Is this a permissible way of doing a vest? My question is that it would leave an open flap/seam of sorts where the flap ends toward the back of the vest is that ok or do I need to think of something else? 
The width of your collar and chest plates looks pretty good.  The collar needs to be formed a bit more, but the sizing looks good.  Your shoulders seem fine, too.  Looks good, vod.
Armor Construction / Re: Orland Greene, v1.1.2 WIP
« Last post by Orland Greene on Today at 06:57 PM »
Thanks Jennari! I'm pretty pleased with it myself!

Thanks Kol, though those aren't decals they were painted on freehand with a pinstriping brush  ;)
Am I close to right with my chest and shoulders?

Armor Construction / Re: Attaching armor
« Last post by Sep Ho'ban on Today at 06:17 PM »
Rivets, snaps, straps ,Chicago screws, magnets, pin backs aka dammits
Armor Construction / Attaching armor
« Last post by Scotymitch on Today at 06:05 PM »
Looking at different methods besides velcro to attach my armor pieces. Any ideas?
Armor Construction / Re: Hodayc Alam's First Build WIP
« Last post by Kol Var'Das on Today at 05:47 PM »
Looking good so far! The only thing really sticking out to me is that the ab plate is a bit wide and will need to be trimmed. Other than that, can't wait to see more!
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