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Soft Parts / Re: Scarfs and Sleeves
« Last post by pisic25 on Today at 03:23 PM »
Thanks for the input, I will posting pics soon!
Gauntlets / Re: my gauntlets
« Last post by reguillet on Today at 03:12 PM »
The blade can be removed like a lightsaber hilt and blade. There are 2 retention screws that secure it.
Soft Parts / Re: Scarfs and Sleeves
« Last post by Ref Al'drann on Today at 03:07 PM »
Generally for soft goods we want to see an effort put forth for construction. Make sure you hem your edges (even if you're going to tear some of them) and you use a quality material. So an example of a material that wouldn't be appropriate for this garment is something like felt or leather/pleather. Take a look at real-life ponchos and scarves and try to find matching material. Hard to go wrong that way.

There's no requirement for shape, size, color, etc for a scarf. You can make your own custom piece, just make sure it's constructed well and weathered in a realistic manner. Also, don't use a shemagh. It's too easily recognizable and real-world military to be used in a Star Wars costume.

As far as sleeveless goes, it's important that it looks like its a design decision and not just a way of cutting corners. Sleeveless kits that have been successfully constructed usually have a weathered wrap or leather arm bands, or some additional accessories to help the arm skin not look just like empty space. Remember that everything, including any exposed skin, is part of the costume. Unsuccessful sleeveless designs usually do not have any accessories or weathering and so the costume looks very "Halloween-ish" and the sleeveless further detracts from the look of the costume.

I hope that helps! It's easier to give advice on pictures than it is on hypotheticals so I or another App Team member would be more than happy to review any design drawings or WIP pictures that you have or will have in the future.
Helmets / Re: Jorbe Falco's Target bucket WIP - Lots of pics
« Last post by Raestin on Today at 02:52 PM »
That's some really great work so far vod!  The bondo work came out great, and I love the idea for the flashlight cover.  Very cool.  :D
Armor Planning / Re: Jorbe Falco's First Kit - WIP
« Last post by Djplasmid on Today at 02:40 PM »
Haven't update this thread in a while, but I have been working.

Test fit, part 2. Didn't change anything but what I was wearing and the method of taping to me. Also, the bathroom mirror does a better job than my 8 year old holding the camera.

Armor plates are ready to be cut out!!

The only part I had problems with was the cod... the Jango cod was way too small. I found another online before I realized that the Boba cod was perfect. So I went with that.

I got my paint! While the colors weren't an exact match to my vision, I am confident that with some blackwash and dirtying up they will be perfect.

I fiberglassed the inside of my bucket! Totally not as scary as it was in my head.

Just about finished with the sanding and priming.

The one spot over the earcap is still a bit wonky, but it's going to be covered with a light, so I'm not worried.

Trying to get the light positioned correctly was a pain... so I found an old piece of paracord and used that to find the center of the bucket.

Waiting for glue to dry.
Put down painters tape, glued the light in the correct position. Will remove the light and then go to work with Bondo and/or Apoxie Sculpt to fill in the voids and build up a platform.

Once I had a center line, I was able to position the light so it pointed forward.

I also fabricated this to go over the light so it looked less like a modern tactical flashlight. Will most likely greeble it up as well.

The mirror tint for my visor should arrive tomorrow. I also have the spray paint I need for my kit. Hoping to have the bucket at least display ready by the end of the week.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Questions?
Gauntlets / Re: need help puting gauntlets templates together
« Last post by reaggyray on Today at 02:37 PM »
Does anybody can help me with  the WOF templates? I doesn't understand how to put them together!
Armor Components / Re: Raestin - Armor Plates - WIP
« Last post by StangTtops88 on Today at 02:36 PM »
Vod, it looks amazing. :o  Seriously well done and love the attention to detail.  Very unique.  Love the design, love the colors.  I don't see anything that stands out to me.  Watch the spacing between knees/skins, even if they aren't touching, if they look like they are in pics, you might get dinged.  And I'll echo what Bowfanny said about the gloves, my buddy got dinged for the exact same thing.  Good luck vod and looking forward to seeing member tag under your name soon!
Gauntlets / Re: Kurshi's Scratch Build Gaunts
« Last post by reaggyray on Today at 02:33 PM »
Hey, that looks very nice!

have you used any templates? I'm trying to build some gaunts too, but i just messed up with the pvc pipe version  :-[
and i dont understand the WOF templates!
Soft Parts / Re: Scarfs and Sleeves
« Last post by Tantos Talgal on Today at 02:27 PM »
From what I can recall, Collars are acceptable so long as they look in-universe. they might need pics w/o for App pics as they want to see the Collar plate too.
In regards to sleeves, last i was aware the general rule of thumb was if you had the Guns to justify not having a sleeve.. I.E. well built and it looks justifiable then all for it. Though that was years ago and I haven't seen anything since then so that very well may have changed!

App team, chime in here and tell me just how Wrong I am :P
Gauntlets / Re: my gauntlets
« Last post by Hiryu02 on Today at 02:24 PM »
Is the plasma cutter a separate piece or does it pop out of the housing?
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