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Armor Components / Re: Mika Mirdala's WIP (Another Desert Mando!)
« Last post by Am Vindam on Today at 04:55 AM »
I agree with Naasad on the shaping. It looks like your right chest plate isn't as formed to your body as the left one.

Really digging that paint scheme, though! Keep it up!
I'd have to say no, it's based off the Blood Dragon helmet from Dragon Age, albeit his interpretation of it. The only way I could see it working would be under the Crusader era, and doing a bit of customization to it.
I actually feel like Amazon prime has been totally worth the $99. I order a lot of my costuming stuff from there and always get free shipping. In that alone I've saved over $99. Just a thought. I know things are tight with the new baby and stuff.

Definitely on the wish list.   ;D

In the meantime, I have another actual kit update. 

I was a little bummed that now that my Westars are all cemented up and I'm waiting to be able to order some Apoxie Sculpt - plus shipping time - that my forward progress on my kit was at a pause.  Because I'd decided after my first attempt at sizing my plates that I really needed to wait until I have some appropriate soft parts.  So bummed.  Really wanted to be doing something Mando related and productive that wasn't just posting on the boards.  Then I got to thinking about the parts of the armor that I'm kind of dreading.  Back plate in particular.  Ick.  Then gauntlets. 

Hmmm.  Gauntlets.  I could start work on those.  Don't need soft parts for those.  I can just take some measurements and get cutting.  Mind you, I don't know what exactly I'm going to put on my gaunts just yet.  I have a couple of very specific ideas, but the possibilities for Mandalorian Gauntlets are practically endless.  So after spinning my mental wheels for a bit, I finally decided I could at least get the shells cut out.  Can't shape 'em yet, but I can get started.

So my first step was some construction paper, a pink marker I borrowed from my daughter and my wife's sewing tape measure.  Various marks on my skin (which my crappy phone isn't showing very well) to denote where on my forearm I want the gaunts to cover:

Then some construction paper.  Wrap around forearm.  Makes some marks with a sharpie.  Cut.  Wrap.  Mark.  Cut. Wrap.

Grab a piece of sintra.  Cut it out.  Forget to wear gloves and cut myself with the sintra.

But hey, I'd already put sweat into this kit.  Now blood.  Cool.  Just need tears to complete it and ensure this kit is awesome!

Construction paper on sintra and trace the outline.  Sort of.

Figure out that my construction paper mock-up was nowhere near precise enough.  Have wife remind me that her dad bought me some leather vambraces a couple of years ago.  Grab one, use it to get better measurements and shape.  Realize it didn't have quite shape I was wanting, but roll with it and adjust on the fly.

And there's one cut out.

About twenty minutes later, number two cut out.

So now I have two just-begun gauntlets to work on.  Yay.  Finished that up by about 10 pm.  Then had to wait until four in the morning to post my update because my cable internet really, really sucks.  *sigh*  Oh, and insomnia sucks, too.   :laugh:

More later.  Not sure when, exactly, but more later.
Armor Components / Re: Mika Mirdala's WIP (Another Desert Mando!)
« Last post by Naasad Tal on Today at 04:02 AM »
Much better, although now it looks like the sides of your chest plates (specifically the downward points) need a little additional shapping.

Loving the weathering on the plates, keep up the good work!!!
Armor Components / Re: First build alien concepts/WIP
« Last post by Naasad Tal on Today at 03:54 AM »
Nice haul!
Armor Components / Re: First build alien concepts/WIP
« Last post by Havelock on Today at 03:50 AM »
This is a really nice haul you've got.  Good job, vod!
Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude!  Nice!
Armor Components / Re: Abel's Armor Planning (WIP)
« Last post by Havelock on Today at 03:48 AM »
Actually, this the perfect place for this.  Armor components covers actually building your kit, which you're working on.   :D
Armor Components / Re: Mika Mirdala's WIP (Another Desert Mando!)
« Last post by Havelock on Today at 03:46 AM »
Looks much better. 
Armor Components / Re: And the madness begins!!
« Last post by Havelock on Today at 03:46 AM »
Those look promising.  Good job!
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