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Helmets / Re: Custom Helmet Designs
« Last post by 14thWarrior on Aug 08, 2020, 02:20 PM »
Yeah, I added a reference image of a human head (scaled appropriately ;D) to make sure that the fit would be good, this time around.

I do like the idea of having a reasonably accurately sized 3D model of our bodies for reference; so I'll likely be checking out MakeHuman. Thanks for the suggestion.
Mandalorian Protectors / Re: Brett's protector wip
« Last post by jett drexel on Aug 08, 2020, 01:32 PM »
Niiiice....... it's good to see you back.  :D
Female Armor / Re: Luthien's Season 7 Bo Katan build thread
« Last post by Luthien on Aug 08, 2020, 01:07 PM »
With the helmet done, I've decided to next work on the thigh armor.   Of all the pieces, why the thighs???  It's certainly not because they are the most exciting pieces to trim, but I am hoping to place my order for belts and straps, and the thighs need that piece of leather behind them. 

The challenge is that the thighs in the Imperial Surplus kit don't match this particular version of Bo Katan, so I've done some trimming.  My goal is to reproduce the shape on the back of the leg as seen here:
BB043C20-5211-4A77-93C1-F4D0F52AE993 by Beren97, on Flickr

Imperial surplus armor before modification:
6C6AC270-2FC9-42E9-89E5-D519CABB47CA by Beren97, on Flickr

DF917E1A-4AC1-4098-8C7E-521E5F394FE8 by Beren97, on Flickr

5C085169-56AA-48D1-9669-D8DFA1772A84 by Beren97, on Flickr

I tried to create a return edge with a hot iron, but the plastic was too brittle afterwards and broke away.
D8151484-6D79-4618-972A-E8D903AED8FE by Beren97, on Flickr

After sanding:
59B24C54-FEEA-4BC2-9406-E33B1D772E2E by Beren97, on Flickr

Cardboard template used to create identical shape for opposite thigh:
38BACF88-F886-48D4-BFF2-6128A8A99340 by Beren97, on Flickr

475B8D80-EC5C-4D9D-95FD-8CF3FBEF32BA by Beren97, on Flickr

So given that the shape better matches, how much if any return edge is recommended?  With the leather piece backing the armor, it's hard to tell if any return at all is necessary.
Armor Construction / Re: jim’s post-imperial v10 mando
« Last post by Manbrolorian on Aug 08, 2020, 01:05 PM »
double post, sorry. got the “beskar” off, everything pinned up a bit for alteration, and did a quick dry fit of the chest plate

Legacy Era Mandalorians / Re: Legacy desert kit (WIP)
« Last post by Soulmaster001 on Aug 08, 2020, 12:18 PM »
Decided to redesign my shin armor. Went with a shin knee and shnee combo. The left leg is a shnee and is designed to accommodate my knee brace due to a knee injury. The right leg will be armored with a shin guard and a knee plate. Here's what I have so far. Still need to do some mods to them but they are very comfortable. Any constructive criticism is appreciated.

Female Armor / Re: Urala WIP
« Last post by ash_wednesday on Aug 08, 2020, 11:46 AM »
I really like your soft parts so far  :like: nice job! Can’t wait to see how this turns out!
Mandalorian Protectors / Re: Brett's protector wip
« Last post by The Unknown Mando on Aug 08, 2020, 02:47 AM »
Not really an update...just reuploading a few pics, sorry for removing them

Chest armour needs repainting....better colours....contrast etc

Gauntlets need serious attention to finish...accessories, hoses, hinges

Start of a Jodo inspired ee3 rifle

Few more grenades

Bit more to come as I find bits
Armor Construction / Re: Kid's Boba Fett build
« Last post by jeffbebe on Aug 08, 2020, 12:06 AM »
I haven't posted on this thread for a while and have actually managed to complete the build since my last post! Here are a couple of pics of the finished build. I'll follow up some of the WIP photos soon for anyone that is interested.

The entire kit is handmade from EVA and fabric except for the blaster which is a Rubies conversion. What's more... Thanks to our awesome government, New Zealand has not had any Covid community transmission for 100 days, so we were able to attend a con over the weekend!! So great to be able to get back out there in costume. The last shot is my son with Darths Revan and Tenebrous. The Tenebrous build is very cool... Worth checking out on R31 Studios instagram. He's got some skills!!

This video shows the jetpack construction. It's definitely not 100% movie accurate but I'm still really pleased with how it came out for a foam piece. Super light too, which is great as my son is only 11 and didn't want a bulky heavy costume.

Weapons Armory / "Sharp points and edges"
« Last post by jethroskull on Aug 07, 2020, 08:02 PM »
The CRL's state, "Close combat weapons cannot have any sharp points or edges," but what is the definition? How much of a break is required before an edge or a point is passable? Quarter-inch roundover or just breaking the edge?

Thanks for any info.
TCW/Rebels / Re: Death Watch Airborne Version A - TCW S05 - WIP
« Last post by mrfred on Aug 07, 2020, 06:29 PM »
Haven't had any updates for awhile due to hitting a roadblock on the blue swatch for this kit. I really struggled with this one...

There weren't many clear screenshots of this kit in natural lighting in the previous season of TCW, until season 7 came out...that was when I was able to determine with fair certainty that not just one kind of blue swatch was just used throughout in this kit.

The airborne trooper showed up several times in season 7, with more clear and natural lighting, and I was able to make out three subtle but distinctive different blues used in different parts of this kit: on the helmet, the torso including the cod, and the shins.

Staring at the screenshots for hours and researching the variety of different shades of paints and brands out in the market, I came up with my own forumlations and will reveal them as I go through the painting process. I've also studied Kade's and Eqdizzle's thread and their choice and usage of their blues (definitely valid in their own right), compared the character concept designs to the final screens used in the episodes, and came up with a medium that I'm fairly content with, visually to the naked eye and to various camera photo exposures.

Here are the sample swatches taken in various lighting conditions.

Indoor lighting with no flash...

Indoor lighting with flash...

Outdoor natural light...

Outdoor natural light and shade...

---Shin Armor Painting and Weathering

One of the fine details to note when painting the stripes for the shin armor are the top corners of the side panels that are close to the upper three darts. The left and right inner shin panels have sharp angled corners, while the outer left and right shin panels have the corners round. Here are my reference shots coming from the charater concept designs and screens from S5 & S7...

These are the paints I'll be using: Rustoleum Aged Gray, Montana Gold paints; Stealth-G7070, Signal Blue-G5075, Ultramarine-G5080

Previously I primed the shins with light gray then I went ahead and masked and painted the shin darts with the Montana Gold Stealth-G7070, but use of any dark gray will do.

Next I wanted a more warmer gray, so I used the Rustoleum Aged Gray to paint the main body of the shins.

Masked the side panels, so I can proceed to paint the middle stripe with Signal Blue-G5075 and dusted with Ultramarine-G5080

I then masked the middle stripes and painted the side panel stripes, measuring out the top and bottom stripes at 1/4"in and 1/8"in for the left and right stripes.

Next, I sanded down the side stripes for weathering.

In addition, referencing from the screenshots, on the side panel stripes, there is a Blue-green color corrosion or rust on the beskar. This is most likely resulting from contact with water, oxygen and carbon dioxide over time, causing a coating to build on the surface with makes the metal more resistant to further corrosion.

So with blue and yellow acrylic paint to get a greenish mixture, I did a wash to the striped areas. Then I did an overall black wash to everything.

I highlighted the darts by dry brushing a little light gray to it. The black wash, after drying, looked OK to the naked eye, but didn't standout much with the camera... I applied black graphite to simulate and accentuate more carbon scoring.

All set for now...
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