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Armor Construction / Re: First WIP
« Last post by Sha'Aj Wa'Gar on Jan 20, 2020, 07:51 PM »
Of course vod! Happy to share the idea!
Jetpacks/Backpacks / Re: Unknowns jetpack
« Last post by Bowfanny on Jan 20, 2020, 07:51 PM »
That's true Bow

It's not bad where I am, few grassfires but not like the big bad bastards on the coast. Thanks for the  thought mate 👍🏻
Glad to hear it Vod! Iíll have a new jet pack project here in the next few months myself!
Armor Concepts / Re: Butterfly's Armor WIP
« Last post by kamenkewl on Jan 20, 2020, 07:50 PM »
one thing to be careful of with 3D printing is your room temperature. i had almost every single print fail for a month straight before i noticed a slight draft coming from the wall behind my printer. move it to the other side of the room and everything worked perfectly again.
Armor Construction / Re: First WIP
« Last post by Bowfanny on Jan 20, 2020, 07:49 PM »
Thank you Bowfanny! It was a trying build at times, but Iím really happy with the results! I have not seen Dresdonís yet, but I will definitely take a look. The pauldron base was originally designed from using the collar piece flipped to make it fully enclosed. Then it was going to sit on top of the existing collar plate to make it look like a large trauma plate. But upon further inspection , Iíve decided to for go the base and just attach them directly to the collar plate. Will continue to keep this post updated as I continue working. Thanks again Bowfanny! Really appreciate the recognition!
Oya Vod,
Iím just like everyone else, I put one leg at a time into my space pants! That collar plate idea is genius! Mind if I borrow it for a project!?
Legacy Era Mandalorians / Re: New armor going Legacy
« Last post by Bowfanny on Jan 20, 2020, 07:45 PM »
I was actually considering using flex tape to give a cortosis layered look. So it would have more texture than carbon fiber. I was more meaning how CF is actually made (with random overlapping layers) than an actual pattern.

Maybe when I get to that point I'll do a test trauma plate to see how it looks.
Good idea! Iíve seen someone do a phenomenal job at taping off and painting a kit in my clan from long ago.
Armor Construction / Re: WIP First Armor Kit
« Last post by Awall on Jan 20, 2020, 07:42 PM »
Looks like a great start and a well thought out concept!
Female Armor / Re: Jabari's WIP
« Last post by Jabari on Jan 20, 2020, 07:41 PM »
Thanks everyone!

Updated concept: after some tweaking and research, I decided to see what it would look like with the Armorer's style of chest plate instead of Legacy...and I like it a lot better.  I think it will both be easier to fit, and look better on me, as my large chest makes my torso look very short.  This way I don't have to try to cram in ab plates...I just have to hope they do approve this style of armor for generic, I guess... it really does look like the best armor style I've seen for curvy people though.  :porg2:

Current plan for accessories:

The crinkly cellophane will be the center of a vibro-blade (if I ever get the plexiglass cut, it's being difficult), and I have some construction knee pads disassembled for parts.  They'll have a piece of sintra to cover the logo and change the look.  Hopefully this belt is usable?  The bag is for the baby Yoda puppet.  I have some kind of aux cable jacks to use for the gauntlet weapon launcher, some other random electrical bits to make...things....that will probably go on the leg bands.  Also, some tiny flashlights for greeblie use.  Gloves will  have the leather parts darkened, and possibly a copper hand plate on top.  I have two pouches, and will make a larger (phone-sized) one as well.  For weapons I have Jyn's A-180 blaster already, or I do have Rey's blaster as well (unfinished), and a thermal detonator kit.

I got out my old Blunnies...and discovered the sole rubber is going bad?! so I'll either have to get them re-soled, or get new boots.  :P

Thanks to a local Mando, I have some sintra, so I'm working on the flak vest so I can pattern out the armor, hopefully before the armor party coming up.
Armor Construction / Re: Kyr'am Ca WIP thread.
« Last post by Awall on Jan 20, 2020, 07:38 PM »
Nice job!  Looking forward to seeing more.
Armor Construction / Re: First Project WIP Winter Warrior
« Last post by Jono999DERP on Jan 20, 2020, 06:54 PM »
That looks SO COOL! :mtu: best of luck!
Armor Concepts / Butterfly's Armor WIP
« Last post by Butterfly on Jan 20, 2020, 06:46 PM »
So for anyone who saw my designs , you may have noticed that I plan to 3D print all my armor plates.  So far that's been a bit difficult, but I've been consulting some 3D experts, tweaking my settings, and I'm hopeful I'll have some plates to show off soon.  Pictures of first attempt here:

Oh well.  Live and learn I guess.  Hopefully more impressive pictures to come soon.
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