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 Dollar Store Gauntlets WIP **(Updated on 07-06-16)

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Dollar Store Gauntlets WIP **(Updated on 07-06-16)
« on: Jul 01, 2016, 07:30 PM »
 I have a helmet in progress that I've had to sideline for far too long (and still can't work on yet...) so I've decided to do a test run on some gauntlet designs using a minimalist approach. I got 2 "Round container with lid"s from dollar tree. They seemed to fit my forearm and were the right length to allow for bending, so I nabbed them up and cut out the bottom, down the middle and cleaned them up with sand paper. Now I'm going to attempt create a hinge using those black paper clip thingy's. Or maybe some other hinging mechanism. As I progress through this project, I will be doing so, attempting to keep the cost very low.

Anyways, here's some pics.

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Re: Dollar Store Gauntlets
« Reply #1 on: Jul 06, 2016, 11:43 AM »
Update time:

So I gathered a few of those black binder clips and wanted to create a hinge out of them, fastening one side of the clip to one half and then the other to the other side; creating a pivot in the middle. Well this didn't look or turn out so good...

So I racked my brain and thought of taking some fabric, gluing it on both sides of the seam and having that be the hinge. This would've worked great if the glue I used wasn't awful. I don't know if anyone else has experience with Loctite superglue Gel, but it was horrible and smelt awful. After letting it dry and cure for 24 hours, it just peeled right off... so I didn't wanna give up on this hinge idea, so I found some random nuts and bolts and secured the fabric to the halves. This created a very strong and awesome hinge! Then on the 4th, I went to a half-off Goodwill and found an old Erector set with tons of Greebs and bolts and what not. So I replaced the odd, mismatched bolts with these very nice smaller ones. (BTW, am I the only one that goes into scavenger mode whenever I go into thrift stores, goodwills and or garage sales? It's like my spidey  senses for greeblies is on high alert...)

Now that I have the hinged side figured out, I wanted to come up with a affordable, anyone can do it option... So I don't even know if this is approvable, but I did a laced up design to close the other side using jute/twine/hemp string (found an entire bag of it for .50c at the goodwill). I'm not too happy with this design as there are some visual things I don't like as well as structure problems with the string over tightening and causing a lot of overlap, or under tightening and causing floating and a wide gap... I may use a gift card I have to Home Depot and bite the bullet and get a continuous piano hinge for $10 that so many others have used..

Anyways, there's the update and with this non-conventional approach, I hope it helps/inspires people to jump in and attempt to build. There's failures and successes along the way. But in the end we all love Star Wars and the Mando's and that's what matters.


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