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 Kalib's vest WIP/ Vest Quest

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Kalib Vallogo

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Kalib's vest WIP/ Vest Quest
« on: Jan 09, 2017, 03:20 AM »
I started out with a yard each of 1/8 inch cloth padding and separate sand tone cloth ( $12.00 total ). I decided that some of the duck cloth was not in the color scheme I was wanting and the cloth alone was to thin to support armor. With some 3M spray glue and a hot glue gun should help with most of the build.
I found a cloth vest at Goodwill. I bought 2 sizes ( $1.00 a piece). I had to find out at home which one would fit over the jumpsuit better. I then cut along the sides and spread it over some 1/4 inch project foam board and traced the outline of the vest and added my shoulder flaps on the pattern. I only created a half shirt pattern to make it easier. Once I created the pattern I traced it onto the felt padding and flipped it over to mark the other half of the vest pattern.
I cut out one full piece and used it to trace a second piece making both half's. I laid the sand tone cloth out across the table and taped the corners down to remain stiff and wrinkle free. I sprayed one side of the padding (soft side for better contact ) and flipped it over on top of the cloth and cut the outline of the pattern by a few inches all around. I'll trim it down later during the build. For now it will allow me to flip it back over and run my hand across and smooth out the cloth over the padding so there are no wrinkles in it. You can do this because the glue does take a while to dry.
Now its sewing time. With the finished sides facing each other, I only had sewn the top and one side so I can try it on before going further. Once it fit snug I sewn the other side and turned back inside out.
Now with a little bit of the cloth running past the padding will allow me to cut and tuck it into the inside later when finishing it off. 

It's zipper time. Making this snug and easy to put on and take off, I went with a zipper for the back. 2 piece zippers are expensive so off to the Goodwill I go. A sand colored sweater with matching color zipper was easy and cheaper to buy there than at a hobby or supply store that sells the zipper for $14.00 alone. Sweaters are cheap in Florida and was only $3.00. After gently removing the zipper I sewn buttons on it and gave it to my daughter. Nothing wasted.
I cut down the back of the vest and started the zipper from the bottom up. I left it short on the top for more comfort around the neck area. I used a little dab of hot glue along both sides of the zipper to the vest just to hold it in place for me to sew.

I decided to do snaps for this vest and started with the shoulder bells. With the materials being stiff and the armor being Sinatra. The shoulders stuck out like wings. I had some self sticky lead weights from my R/C planes that I stuck under the cloth and above the padding. This helps keep the shoulder bells down with out a lot of weight or discomfort.

Remember the extra cloth sticking past the padding. Its time to glue and fold. Sewing may be better for this but it's faster and easier for me with the hot glue gun and some clothes pins.

And just move around along the edges

By gluing it instead of sewing helps keep the cloth tight around the edges and eliminates any wrinkles along the way.

Now it's time to install the chest armor. I'm going with the snaps just like the shoulder bells. No Velcro or magnets. I placed the vest on the mannequin and placed the first top plate on and centered it level and measured both sides to the shoulders and the opening around the neck. I traced the armor with pencil marking the location onto the vest. I then removed the vest from the mannequin to install the snaps. Once the top armor is positioned right the rest is easier to line up and to help with the thumb width rule for spacing the plates I went with 5/8 thick furring strip of wood. Again I marked each piece with pencil. installed the snaps on the armor by drilling a hole not JB Weld them. Instead I used rivet snaps to mount the snaps on to the armor. The vest side I used just the normal snaps application.

Once the snaps are on the armor first I then placed the armor on top of the soft vest and measured with the wood and by sight and had a pen in hand and began to press on the armor down onto the vest for a few seconds. This pressure will leave little dimples of the snaps circles left on the vest showing excactly where the snaps on the vest would be. Using the pen I place a mark in the center of those impressions and use a 16 penny nail with a block of wood under the vest and punch a hole for the snaps (no drilling).

Proceeded to do each piece at a time working my way down. I did make sure that when hammering down the snaps to the vest that the zipper was not near/ under the block of wood so the zipper was not damaged.

Front armor pieces done. I'll be showing the last of this build in a few days. Look for my neck wrap or tunic build on another soft parts that I finished just recently out of the same clothe and style.

I'm back with the build!! I decided to reuse my original back plate and add some collar armor instead that was left over from my first build. There were holes in the back plate from where I had the jet back attached. So I decided to reuse these same holes some how and this is what I came up with.

I decided to attach the collar armor on with 1/2 Chicago screws with washers to the top of my back plate. This gives me the over the top of my shoulder support I was aiming for and to use up those extra pieces of armor.

Then I used Chicago screws to the rear left side of the vest only. Even the collar armor on that side where the brass knob is that holds my cape is screwed through the vest. I used larger size washers on the vest side to prevent any of the screws from ripping out of the vest during use. On the other side of the vest I used snaps. Even the collar armor has a snap screwed through the armor to the brass knob that holds my cape. This allows me to enter the vest through the back and zip it up and then connect the other half of the back plate on by snaps.

My battle worn cape ripped in half when pulling on it from the storage box. Which is why I bought this mannequin. Why put your armor in a box when you can have a full size mando in the man cave. I was going to stretch the longer side over and reconnect it to the other side but looking at it like this will allow me to install my jet back and have cloth on each brass knob. Something different maybe??

Now the neck piece will wrap around and be tucked under. This will blend in the top of the vest covering the notch seen above the back plate. As for the bottom zipper, that will be covered by my new sash and ammo belt. Now add a neck piece and weather both pieces and its time to work on the jet back.


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Re: Kalib's vest WIP/ Vest Quest
« Reply #1 on: Jan 15, 2017, 06:35 PM »
Looking good so far.  You may eventually want to sew the edges.  I think in the long run you'll be happier with the results.

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Re: Kalib's vest WIP/ Vest Quest
« Reply #2 on: Jan 16, 2017, 08:58 AM »
Huh. I never thought about doing a vest like this. Gotta follow how this end ;)


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