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 TUTORIAL - Sabine Wren chest armour paint and design templates

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Evaar'la Kal

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Hi vode! 

A couple weeks ago I finished painting my chest armour for Sabine Wren.  A friend said I should post up all the photos and make a tutorial, so here it is!  Please excuse all of the writing on the photos, I was posting step by step progress on my instagram stories and the writing was to describe what I was doing.  The paint job is for season 3, but I believe you can do the same for any of the seasons (except epilogue) if you just change up the colours.

Here is a link to my drop box for the templates for the firebird pattern for the left chest plate.  Original template was a pencil and circle drawing tool sketch up done by me, and the computer designed files were put together from my template by one of the lovely members of the Sabine facebook group (there are vector files too, but for some reason they don't show up with the link below, if you want vector files please pm me with your email and I'll send them that way).  Please use, share, and enjoy :)

The chest pieces were 3D modelled and printed by my friend Kylo Ren from the local 501st, thanks :)

Alrighty, here we go!

Started off with Krylon Nickel Silver, did a solid three coats to make it nice and shiny.  Def my fav layer of paint to do lol

Colour base coats, as described in the photo text.  Pro tip: If you're going to paint in your room because its the frigid Canadian winter and you don't have a garage, remember to open the windows before painting.  It gets stinky real fast.
 - Red: Rustoleum Poppy Red
 - Burgundy: Krylon Bugundy (from the dual line, not sure if the colourmaster line has this shade).

Taping off the right chest for the two white stripes (Krylon White):

Finished diamond and the beginnings of the firebird pattern.
 - Light orange was achieved by first doing a couple normal coats with Krylon Pumpkin Orange, and then very lightly spraying overtop with Krylon Sun Yellow until the paint colour appeared to match the light orange in reference photos.

Nice and tidy!

Taping off for the purple (Krylon Purple).  In the reference photos it appears that there is a tiny uneven strip of purple along the top of the lower white stripe.  To do this one I ripped a piece of masking tape to match the uneven look and covered the white stripe with a clean-edged piece of tape.

Finished right chest!  Colours look dark cause it was late and the lighting wasn't great.  A picture with the correct looking colours is included at the end of this post.

Okay, done with the easy stuff!  Next up: Firebird chest

First up: I finished sketching out my template and then made a photocopy to cut up.  The template is included in the dropbox link before all the pictures.

I laid the template on the plate and used it as a guide to figure out where the masking for the purple (Krylon Purple) had to go.  Lots of toothpaste here to match the look from the reference photos.

Finished purple layer.  It was really late when I took this photo so the paint looks super dark, but I promise the colour matches the show in real life!

Next, I taped the template to the armour and traced it on with a pencil (next two photos).

Since the circles are so close together it would've been really difficult to accurately mask the whole design off at once, so ended up doing each section individually.  Here is a photo showing the taping for the outermost circle, so many tiny pieces of tape all lined up along the pencil lines that were traced on.  This part made me so paranoid lol.

After taping I did the same process as for the diamond to get the light orange (Krylon Pumpkin Orange and Krylon Sun Yellow).  Then I taped off the middle circle and repeated the same paint process, and then the same for the last circe.  Here's a photo taken after the middle circle was painted.

And finally we get to. . .  the firebird!  I taped off the outer circle using all of the tiny pieces of tape again.  To tape off the centre section I stuck the centre piece from the template that I cut out earlier onto a piece of wide masking tape, and then carefully cut the out around the template.  Then I placed it onto the plate and made sure it lined up with the pencil lines traced on earlier.

And voila, finished chest plates!

I hope this is helpful :)


WIP Thread!

More pictures on Instagram: @evaarla_kal


This is amazing. Well done!



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Really well done!

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Zarya Arthos

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Helpful! Thanks for posting.

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Night Owl Society
Sabine S1 WIP
Wow this is amazing, all the fine details, layering, and precise taping. It really turned out great!


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