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 Brigade Requirement List - Mandalorian Protectors

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Brigade Requirement List - Mandalorian Protectors
« on: Sep 26, 2018, 09:38 AM »

    A limited amount of canon characters are accepted in this Brigade.  The characters that are acceptable are Spar, Fenn Shysa , Tobbi Dala , and all variants of Boba Fett (CRL) excluding only the Holiday Special variant.  Canon characters are exempt from the requirement of using the Brigade Sigil on their armor.

    Mandalorian Protector BRL

      Aside from meeting the minimum CRLs, a Protector must adhere to the following requirements:

      • The primary color of the armor (chest, ab, collar, diamond, back, and cod plates) have to be medium green in color, similar to Boba Fett.
      • One main secondary color must be present.  Secondary colors may only be Red, Yellow, or Orange.
      • A third color may also be chosen that can be any of the secondary colors OR white, light blue, purple and grey. The third color must be used sparingly.

      • Standard Fett-style helmet required, with RF and standard ear-caps.
      • Helmet dome must be painted a medium green.
      • The visor frame/mandibles must be the secondary color.
      • Lower cheeks may either be painted a medium green, like the helmet dome or be white.  Upper cheeks may be painted any color within reason at the discretion of the Legends Brigade Marshal.
      • Back panels may be painted the primary or secondary color.

      • Armor orientation must be of light or medium configuration.
      • Plates have to be traditional Boba or Jango style templates.
      • Chest plate may be a modified design to closely resemble the plate style used in the Marvel comics.
      • Ab plate may be replaced with quilted soft ab sewn into flak vest, as depicted in the Marvel comics.  Should be colored similarly to paint on the primary plates. Should be constructed of the same material as flak vest.
      • Cod piece and back plate are required, cannot be substituted by loin cloth or full cape.
      • **Addendum: The 'Fett-style' plate requirement is not meant to exclude female members from becoming Protectors. Female-style chest plates that conform to the general appearance/configuration of Fett-style or Marvel-style plates are acceptable. The diamond and abdominal plates must be as close to Fett-style or Marvel-style as possible.

      • Gauntlets must be of a Fett-style streamlined weapons-platform design based on those depicted in the comic books and artwork. May be painted the primary, secondary, or tertiary colors and may be mismatched in color.

      Knee Armor
      • Knee armor must be close to traditional Boba or Jango knee designs.
      • Din Djarin/Live-Action Death Watch knee armor is fine for use with Protectors.

      • Boba Fett style half-cape is optional. All other cape-styles are restricted.
      • Solid color cape (ROTJ style): green, brown, tan, grey, dirty white
      • Cape may include a stripe of (ESB style): red, orange, yellow

      • Closed-back kama may be worn. Must be same material and weathering as cape

      • Full flightsuit with traditional Mandalorian 'double-sleeve' required.
      • Suit may be two-piece.  If using two separate pieces, they must give the illusion of a one piece flight suit by using the same color and material for each piece.
      • Flightsuit color may be green, olive drab, tan, "esb" light blue-grey, light or medium grey.
      • Thigh and shin pouches strongly recommended, but not absolutely required.
      • Spats: Must be similar to Boba's, should be colored to match vest or flight suit.

      Flak Vest
      • Vest: Must be similar in design to Boba or Jango Fett.
      • Color of the vest must be green, olive grab, light or medium gray or platinum grey/white.

      • Must be similar in design to Boba's, but do not have to be exact replicas.
      • Padding on back can vary. Colors: any within reason, must match or complement other soft parts of the costume.
      • Patches such as the US 7th Infantry Division or FORSCOM shown on Boba's Pre-production costume may be worn on gloves.
      • Similar patches may also be worn, at the discretion of the Legends Brigade Marshal.

      Waist Items
      • Brown Boba/Jango-inspired leather or leather-like belt with a minimum of four (4) brown leather or faux-leather pouches, two (2) to either side of the buckle or four (4) across the front. May include two (2) oversized pouches hanging below the belt, suspended above the hips (one on each side).  All canon/legends pouches and belts acceptable.
      • Soft Pouches: Must have at least 2 of the following: waist pouches (hanging from belt), thigh pouches, shin tool pockets.
      • Girth belt: Must be included, either Fett-style rope girth or of waist-wrap design. Can be any color within reason, at the discretion of the Legends Brigade Marshal. Can be red to denote Journeyman Protector.
      • Holsters: Canon-style holsters acceptable: Jango, Solo, ESB Boba, etc...

      • Laceless, chelsea style boots similar in design to Boba Fett's boots.
      • Must be colored to complement or match the other soft parts. Toe spikes are required: must be similar in design to Boba's, but do not have to be exact replicas.
      • Boot-Wraps: Weathered fabric strips may be used as boot wraps.

      • Jetpack is required, may be either of canon design (Boba, Jango or TCW hybrid style) or modified Marvel Comics version (side mounted rocket).  Paint design is to be checked with the Legends Brigade Marshall before approval.
      • Boba-style chest lights on the left chest plate are strongly encouraged but not required.
      • Boba-thong is not required if using a Jango Fett style cod plate without the kidney armor.  If the Boba thong is used it must be of elastic material and dyed or painted to match the flight suit as closely as possible.
      • External knee straps are required. Must be of elastic material, and must be dyed or painted to match the flight suit as closely as possible.

      • Weapon must be era-appropriate canon weapon. With the WEG RPG guides, comics and video games, there are hundreds of 'canon' weapons. Weapons can be customized to an extent (such as a modded E-11) but it must still be recognizable as a canon SW weapon from that era, defined as early-Imperial era onward.
      • If shin pouches are added to flight suit, shin tools similar to those worn by Boba must be in those pouches.
      • Knife and sheath may be strapped to leg using boot wraps.
      • No less than 2, no more than 4 trophies.  Trophies may include: Wookiee scalps, damaged lightsabers, Death Watch Chest Diamonds.  Additional trophies may be used at discretion of the Legends Brigade Marshal.

      • Brigade sigil must be worn on the left shoulder plate. It may be worn on both shoulder plates.
      • Clan sigil or personal character family crest may be worn on the right chest plate. If worn as such, must be similar size and placement to Jaster Mereel's insignia on Boba.
      • Muted design may be displayed on the chest plates.  Must be of simple design and not vibrant. Must be white, black, silver, or grey.
      • Jaing Eyes are acceptable on helmet in the Secondary or Tertiary color
      • Kill Stripes are acceptable and encouraged on helmet in the Secondary or Tertiary color

      • All plates should be weathered liberally with scratches, paint flaking, and dings.
      • Base coat should be metallic silver, not bronze, gold, or copper.
      • A layer of yellow, orange, grey, or darker green may be used beneath the primary color.
      • A layer of grey or a primary or secondary color may be used beneath the secondary color.
      • Secondary color (Red, Yellow, Orange) must be of "burnt" or heavily weathered appearance.  No bright, fresh paint.
      • All soft parts should be significantly weathered and worn with browns, blacks, and tans.  Capes and kamas should be torn and damaged.

      Helmet Paint Variant Example

      Muted Chest designs and additional armor plates and holsters

      Gauntlet Variant Example

      Cape, leg wraps, knife, trophies Example


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