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 Brigade Requirement List - True Mandalorians

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Brigade Requirement List - True Mandalorians
« on: Sep 28, 2018, 09:47 AM »

A limited amount of canon characters are accepted in this Brigade.  The characters that are acceptable are Jaster Mereel (CRL), Montross (comic version only), and Jango Fett(CRL).  Only Jango Fett is exempt from the requirement of using the Brigade Sigil on their armor.

Aside from meeting the minimum CRLs, a True Mandalorian must adhere to the following requirements:

  • The primary color of the armor has to be medium green, gunmetal or silver/steel. A main secondary color must be present, either red, blue or yellow/orange. A tertiary color may also be chosen and may be of any reasonable color (no fuchsia, neon green or the like).

  • Helmet: Standard Fett-style helmet required, with RF and ear-caps matching the design shown in the Open Seasons comic books. No keyslots, back of the helmet must be blank. The visor frame/mandibles must be the secondary color (blue, red or yellow/orange).
  • Armor must be of Medium configuration (collar, chest and ab plates, back plate, shoulder plates, thigh plates, cod piece, knee plates, shin plates and boot plates) and must be of traditional Fett design**, with some slight variation allowed. That includes knee plates, although the knee darts do not have to be identical to Boba' or Jango's.
  • The use of external straps on armor is prohibited.
  • Back plate: must be included. Can be of standard Fett design or following one of the two segmented designs depicted in the Open Seasons comic books.
  • Gauntlets: Gauntlets must be of Fett-style or streamlined weapons-platform design based on those depicted in the comic books and artwork. May be painted the primary color, red, yellow/orange or blue.
  • Cod piece and back plate are required, cannot be substituted by loin cloth or full cape.

'Soft' Parts
  • Capes such as those shown on Jango, Jaster and Montross at various points in the comics are optional. All other cape-styles are restricted.
  • Full flightsuit required. May be two-piece, provided that it matches the general appearance of a full flightsuit. Colors: green, olive drab, light or medium grey. Boba-style 'double-sleeve' optional, but not absolutely required.
  • Vest: Must be similar in design to Boba's or Jango's. Colors: should match the flight suit, within a couple of shades.
  • Gloves: Must be similar in design to Jango's, but do not have to be exact replicas. Colors should match or complement the flight suit and vest.
  • Belt: Brown Fett-inspired leather or leather-like belt with a minimum of four (4) brown leather or faux-leather pouches, two (2) to either side of the buckle or four (4) across the front.
  • Girth belt: Optional. If included, must be either Fett-style rope girth or of waist-wrap design. Can be any color within reason (yellow, brown, black, etcetera. No fuchsia or fluorescent colors).
  • Leather or faux-leather holsters allowed, including leg straps worn over the thigh plates. All other holster and strap types prohibited.
  • Boba-thong is prohibited; cod piece must be secured in some other fashion, such as velcro or snaps on the groin of the flight suit.
  • Boots: Any CRL-approvable boots are acceptable, but any laces must be fully covered by the leg of the flight suit and by the boot armor. Color should match or complement those of the other soft parts.

  • Brigade sigil must be worn on one shoulder plate. It may be worn on both plates.
  • Clan sigil may be worn on one shoulder plate with the Brigade sigil worn on the other.
  • < >, O or [ ] sigils may be worn on the chest plates of those with blue or red as a secondary color, as depicted in the Open Seasons comic books.
  • Recipients of the ori'ramikad award may wear the insignia on the chest diamond as appropriate
  • All other sigils and insignia are restricted

  • Jetpack: if the [ ] sigil is worn, a jetpack is required. Otherwise, jetpacks are optional. Any jetpack worn must be of canon design (Boba, Jango or TCW hybrid style)
  • Weapon: Must be era-appropriate canon weapon. With the WEG RPG guides, comics and video games, there are literally hundreds of 'canon' weapons. Weapons can be customized to an extent (such as a modded E-11) but it must still be recognizable as a canon SW weapon from that era, defined as late-Republic to pre-Clone Wars era.

**Addendum: The 'Fett-style' plate requirement is not meant to exclude female members from becoming True Mandalorians. Female-style chest plates that conform to the general appearance/configuration of Fett-style plates are acceptable. The diamond and abdominal plates must be as close to Fett-style as possible.

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