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Complete Painting plastic to look like wood

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Tusken Dan

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Painting plastic to look like wood
« on: Nov 26, 2018, 03:36 PM »
     When I was doing a lot of military modeling we would often times have to paint wood grain on rifles, boxes or doors.  It was hard to make them look real until a good friend shared a really cool trick.  I thought I would build a pistol and pass that along to this group. 

Notice the boxes. 

I picked up a Rubies kids bowcaster after Halloween for really cheap.  I liked it because the "bow" could be easily removed.  Here is that build.  I hope you enjoy it.

So this is how it started.  I cut the back off on it, glued all the seams, filled the holes and started building up the handle to adult size.

Here is the build up of the handle.  I also drilled out the scope openings and removed the supports inside.  Since I could not take this one apart, i heated a metal tube under a candle and burned them out with the hot edge. After gluing all the seams I filled them and sanded them smooth.  It's tedious, but this is a really important step. 

Next i used some sculpy to finish my handle, some  squadron green putty for seams and some plastic strips and round punches to make the knobs and switches more interesting.
The new muzzle was a piece from a cheap flashlight and I would be using more parts from it for the scope eyes.  Here I have primed to check my work and make sure everything was smooth. 

I painted the metal pieces the dark silver, allwed them to dry and taped them up.
For the part you want to look like wood, I use a heavy sand paper, like 50 grit.  You can scratch and mark the plastic also as it adds a bit of character . I removed most of the black from the , to be wood part.  Next is the strange part....

PINK!  acrylic, or light tan.  Tape off anything you don't want to have a little texture.  I airbrushed mine, but hand paint would work just fine. 
I chose a couple differnet colors of oil paints to mix to make the wood color I wanted. 

Next, just apply it to the area you want with any old brush.  Don't thin the paint much at all, and don't cake it on to heavy either. 

Next I save an old crappy brush that is kind of stiff.  Nothing super soft.  You want it  to streak the paint.  Start and drag it through the oil paint in the direction of wood grain. 

Now is the hard part.  You MUST let it dry completely.  It takes anywhere from 4 days to a week.  If you touch it, you will disturb the wood grain, so save you palate paint and check it for dry if you want. 
Next I gave the whole pistol a coat of matte finish, before starting on dry brush and weathering. 
You can wash your wood as well, just like anything else.  I used a little acrylic brown and black to make the wood under the scope darker and some brown to make the handle more worn.  I did a normal placed wash on the scope parts I wanted darker.  I added scope rings to the end with some plastic tubing from my kids bubbles and the glass comes from the top of the spinach container. 
Dry brush with silver, put where you want highlights.  Try not to dry brush the whole piece, but instead hit the spots you think would wear most.  Don't get any silver on your wood!

I added a little flat/dull coat to the black parts, but wanted the wood grain to keep a little of the shine, last adding the eye pieces.  Just a couple pieces of pipe fitting.

All done, with and without the bow. 

Here are a couple more examples of this technique I used before. 

Just paint and a little time.  Give it a try next time you want to make some wood trim!  :boba:

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