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 Corbin's armor concept and WIP

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Corbin Das

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Corbin's armor concept and WIP
« on: Dec 06, 2019, 02:23 AM »
Greetings all!!

 I've posted various pictures in different sections, but it's probably best for me to begin my WIP thread. Much better to be told "that won't pass CRLs" while it's still in the developmental stages.  So PLEASE feel free to speak your mind, offer suggestions, or whatever. I have thick skin. LOL

NOTE: After originally posting this in a different section, I'm copying and pasting it here. I'll delete the old thread.

 There's a rough idea on how I want things to look, but many details haven't been hammered out yet.  As most of my projects tend to do, I suspect there will be several instances of either screwing something up, it not working the way I envisioned or the need to go a different direction. I'm happy to have everyone able to "come along for the ride" of seeing this through. Looking forward to getting my first Mando all together.

So........ here's my concept drawing. Or more accurately, the drawing that evolved as I acquired different parts. I'm sure it'll continue to evolve.  I'm not sure what color I want the trauma plates yet. If I can lighten or darken the Icon boots, that will probably play a major factor in my decision. I'm a bit of a leathersmith (amatuer), so I have some ideas. My original intention was to do an arctic Mando, but I could go desert instead. Anyway, please feel free to say which color combo you like best.

 Yes, those are Snowtrooper shoulders on the arctic versions. I'm a Snowtrooper in the 501st, so I have extra parts here and there. Not 100% sold on using them with the Mando kit, but we'll see. I already have cold cast aluminum Boba style shoulders that I was considering using as something else, like bicep armor or something similar.  Not sure yet.  And I realize there aren't any knees drawn (or arms for that matter). Haven't decided on second waist belt either yet, so it's not drawn. Trying to focus on what I HAVE so far, but I'll need to figure out that stuff too, eventually.  :laugh:

 For the torso, I'm starting with Jango cold cast aluminum parts (fiberglass reinforced).
I'll add some removable trauma plates later, to give it some color.

So far, I have cold cast:
  • shoulders
  • collar
  • L & R chest, with diamond
  • abdomen
  • cod piece

Not the best picture, but I'll replace it with a better one soon.

I'm having a flak vest made in off white cotton duck cloth.  Endelose (on Etsy) is making it for me. She comes highly recommended. It'll have a short covered zipper on the back, as well as a covered zipper down the left side. Hidden elastic sides, double layered front (for reinforcement), and Boba style shoulders.

Back zipper cover idea was mine. Basically, there's a short strip of fabric that acts as a zipper pull. There's loop velcro on it, so it's comfortable to hold. After zipping it up, you lay it down over the zipper, which has hook velcro sewn to either side. Should hide the zipper pretty well.....I hope.

 Before cutting anything, I asked a question in Mandalorian Q&A about segmenting the collar piece, and having a trauma plate cover the gap, but allow the underplates (the CC alum) to slide under it, when needed, to allow for better range of motion and prevent binding. I got the OK to proceed. Here's a rough drawing of what I'm talking about. Plates weren't sanded or steel wooled at this point. Note: that's not a vest I'm using for the armor. It was just convenient.

 I'm also wanting to have a similar trauma plate for the chest sections.
The CC diamond will be on the trauma plate (recessed). I'm wondering,
if I'm going to attach a pilot's chest box, would I still need the diamond?
There will be matching  trauma plates on the abdomen and codpiece.

 Came across some really "Swarzy" brown boots. At least I think so:

 I'm currently playing around with methods to cover back zipper.  Thinking a leather or aluminum plate like this:

 Maybe I'll add some rockets, like Cad Bane,  just my own style.

A couple days ago, I bought some gloves like these, off Ebay. I thought they'd go well with the boots.
One cool thing I just saw on ep 4 of the Mandalorian the Kubaz  was wearing these exact same gloves.

Now...... the helmet is from Albatross Customs (our own Makris Brik). I designed a custom, liftable visor,
that Makris was kind enough to build for me. I have lots of plans for adding electronics to this helm
(wireless mic to voice amp, LEDs, possibly a HUD, if I can get it to work right, and a Velleman MK126),
but they'll have their own threads.

Teaser HUD w / animated "radar"   :cookie::

 Here's some pants I found that I liked. I know I'll need to sew pockets shut. I purchased and extra pair,
in small, so I can use them to make matching sleeves. Not sure if I'll have sleeves attach inside flak vest
or make them into a separate layer. I liked the ribbed knee (and elbow) sections. They're 95% cotton, so
they should be able to either be dyed or made lighter, as needed.


I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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Corbin Das

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Re: Corbin's WIP
« Reply #1 on: Dec 06, 2019, 02:25 AM »
Hi again

I'm currently trying to decide if I want the "life support box" on the chest or on the back. I haven't designed the back plate yet, so I just have it drawn with the vest. Having it on the back was my original intention, as I thought it might keep the front cleaner and give more detail to the back. Having it on the chest though, would let me place my voice amp speaker into it, and allow me to reach switches.



Corbin Das

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Re: Corbin's first armor WIP
« Reply #2 on: Dec 06, 2019, 02:26 AM »
  After some consideration, I'm leaning towards having the box on the back.
 It just means I'll have to figure out a different place to put the Akers voice amp. Not a big deal. I can still have a fan in the box, with the air blowing up through the hoses and into the lower front of the helmet. Ultimately, it's easier to relocate the Akers than to try and reroute air into the helmet.  The way it sets on me, there's not a lot of space inside the back of the helmet to add stuff.  So having air up front makes more sense to me.

 Any elements in the box (fan, lights, etc) can have the wires run through the hoses to switches on the coupler, that will magnetically mount to the chin area of the helmet. Internally, I'll have hoses, ducts or some other pathway for the air to get up to my face as well as the visor area. The only thing I'll need to be mindful of is to not have the air flow directly onto the wireless microphone. Still brainstorming on that one.

 In other news..... I picked up a WWII Swedish ammo belt, like this one. Got a leather box pouch too.

Also, I'm thinking of using a couple plastic boxes I have on the armor somewhere. They're made to
carry an auto injector, like an Epi-pen, just for migraines (which I unfortunately get)."Swarzy" enough?

Another item I've gathered up is about half a dozen 5v powerbanks with USB ports, to charge
your phone (or power armor/helmet electronics). They look like firearm magazines, sorta. So
having a few of them somewhere on my body wouldn't look out of place.

 Now, I have to decide which configuration to wear the belt and the boxes. You can see how
the cold cast aluminum will have a gap on the chest and collar sections. The trauma plates
will cover that, but allow for more range of motion, without the plates binding or buckling.

For a larger version, right click on picture and select "open image in new tab".

 As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

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Re: Corbin's armor concept and WIP
« Reply #3 on: Dec 06, 2019, 12:40 PM »
Loving the progress on this! Really love that vest and that chest armour looks real nice!

Corbin Das

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Re: Corbin's armor concept and WIP
« Reply #4 on: Dec 06, 2019, 11:31 PM »
 Thanks Justin

After chatting with an Admin, I've modified the design slightly to comply with CRLs, I hope. 

The knees are drawn on in generic fashion, until I design something specific.

Now, the armor has a more Galaxies flavor:

As before, to see a larger version, right click on picture and select "open image in new tab".

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