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Rubies 2-piece RF mod questions
« on: Jan 23, 2012, 08:09 PM »
Originally, I was planning on doing 4 buckets for my family and me using the HBF, but sizing has driven me to use a Jango 2-piece for at least a few family members.  I have a couple questions regarding the ears and rf stalk.
I hate the Rubies RF stalk.  It's backwards, seems short and seems wide.  I'd like to do a custom mod using steel square key stock like I did on my HBF (pix below). 
*  Is NOT having the taper in the stalk acceptable (as shown on my HBF)?  IMHO, it looks a helluva lot better than the Rubies stock stalk.
It also has the bonus of magnetic attachment to the ear so I can remove it for travel.  It flips up or down using magnets as well.  I'll fill in the gaps at the top with Bondo so it looks like one piece.  Weathering should look sweet since it is metal under everything.
*  I really hate the ears on the Rubies. >:(  As I understand it, these meet CRL without any modifications, correct?  I may look at adding the trench to the left ear.  I'm not sure I'm going to try anything on the right ear to separate the features near the middle.
As always, thx!!

Cruddy Rubies stalk, warped, too wide, too short, backwards mount.

My steel solution on the Hasbro.  Length is closer, full rotation possible, and it is easily removable.  Only downshot is, no taper. 
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Re: Rubies 2-piece RF mod questions
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I dont see anything in the crl's about either a taper or that you even need a RF, The only time the crl's mention RF's is in the canon section. Same goes for the earcap's. Here you can check them out,;sa=page;p=5

Just click on the appropriate section, either Early, crusader, neo-crusader, modern or canon.


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Re: Rubies 2-piece RF mod questions
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Each Mandalorian's bucket is his own, remember that Boba's helmet is described as a modified Mandalorian helmet and there are also examples of different RFs from the Clone wars cartoons.

I think it's easy to say that the Mandalorian is yours to make your mark on, you don't even need an RF if you don't want one.

I have antennae on my helmet:

As long as it looks good, it's yours to do as you wish.
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