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Mercs "Creative Con" Invasion Debriefing
« on: Sep 11, 2013, 11:01 AM »

Invasion Location: Creative Con – Panama City, FL, USA
Date: August 24th, 2013
Clan Involved: Buurenaar Verda Clan
Mission Objective: To honor a request to attend the convention, to promote awareness of the club and its goals, and to recruit.

Invasion Report: Members of the Buurenaar Verda Clan invaded Creative Con, a small convention that is steadily growing from the ground up. Members attended at the request of the convention’s coordinators and manned their own table amid other tables full of art. Creative Con highlights artistic talent and “sequential art” (comics); the Mercs added their own flair to the festivities by showing off their craftsmanship in kit and weapon alike. Four BVC members swept away the costume contest in both adult and youth divisions and all five official members hosted a Q&A panel for convention attendees. Recruiting attempts were successful as well, as at least two confirmed recruits have joined the BVC ranks after meeting members at Creative Con. As a whole, the convention was a great success and the BVC happily did its part to help the coordinators of Creative Con to reach their goals for this year’s event.

Holorecords and additional information

Original Report by Rabbit
Ken Applegate, AKA KenSnaps or Ke Naastar
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