Author Topic: Mercs "Ellis & Mota Star Wars Wedding" Invasion Debriefing  (Read 319 times)


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Invasion Location: Gatlinburg, Tenn. (USA)
Date: Oct 19, 2013
Clan Involved: Blue Moon Clan
Mission Objective: To participate and represent the MMCC at Ellis & Mota Stars Wars Wedding.

Invasion Report: Members of 501st Legion, Rebel Legion and Blue Moon Clan (MMCC) (30 costumers in all) participated in a rare Star Wars Wedding on Oct 19 at Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The unique ceremony included Darth Vader performing the ceremony with many quotes from the Star Wars movies, R2-D2 was the Ring Bearer, Russ Ellis (Groom) as Han Solo and Paloma Mota (Bride) as Princess Leia.

Holorecords & Additional Information

0riginal report by DJon Ros
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