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 Thank you from Northern California

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Thank you from Northern California
« on: Dec 15, 2014, 11:25 PM »
I would like to take this chance to send a HUGE vor entye to Eddie, Jim, and Vincent of Teren Clan of Northern California for their help, and participation, in my family’s 9th Annual Star Wars Holiday Special Party, at hour home in San Jose, CA.
The party’s bones include a viewing of the Holiday Special, lots of Star Wars-themed baked goods and drinks, and trivia with Star Wars-related prizes. We’ve also watched “The Backstroke of the West” in past years, and plenty of Robot Chicken.
Prizes are collected all year, and range from random eBay finds (like rare toys) to things we get at San Diego Comic-Con or other events. Sometimes friends donate items for the raffle as well.
Two years ago, inspired by a Holiday Special charity screening in Minnesota and the charity missions of the Star Wars costuming groups, we decided to make the 7th annual party a charity drive, sort of experimentally. We offered raffle tickets for prizes to our friends (previously prizes were based on trivia success) and were blown away when it turned into two full tables worth of food and toys to donate to local charity.
So this year, after a slower year 8 (because of babies), we decided to go big. I commissioned two beautiful helmets from Eddie, one to raffle, one to keep, both done in Fett’s color scheme from the Holiday Special cartoon segment.
Rancho Obi-Wan donated a membership to our raffle, and even though we tried to trim our attendance list, we had more people (50+ in our home) than ever before.
But there were two highlights that I must send thanks for. The first was the elation I saw in the faces of my guests when Jim & Vincent walked in fully clad in two amazing black & red suits of full armor. The adults and kids alike were awestruck, and many selfies were taken. They even protected me as I read trivia, and presented my friend Axa with his very own helmet after the raffle. They also returned, sans armor, later in the night, to mingle, laugh, and just generally geek out with us. It was magical. Oddly enough, Vincent was a former student of one of my best friends, who was in attendance at the party.
The second highlight was, thanks to the excitement generated by my talk of special guests and wild prizes, was the incredible number of food items, personal items, and toys donated for charity, items we’re still trying to sort and bag to donate out. Among the list was a 2-foot tall Darth Vader toy, tons of board games and action figures, and a breast-milk pump for nursing mothers. Even though I had my own Mandalorian helmet on the shelf to smile at in the morning, I spent much of the next day smiling, instead, at the pile of goods to donate.
Thanks to the goodwill of my friends, the hard work of my wife, and the generosity of Teren Clan, we’re going to be able to give a great holiday season to many needy families in San Jose, through Second Harvest, Toys 4 Tots, and Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence.
Jim & Vincent have vowed to return next year, and since it will be the 10th years, I hope to have more guests, including members of the 501st and Rebel Legion is possible, but my friends and my family will be forever grateful to Eddie, Jim, Vincent, and the general culture of the Mando Mercs, for helping us make what was always a great party into an epic force for good.
If anyone is interested in how we through the party (as Jim suggested we try to spread this type of event around to encourage more charity work and holiday good will), or has questions, shoot me an email at, and thank you, again, for all you do for our community.

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