In 2010, Mandalorian Mercs instituted a program that allows Official Members to strive beyond just having an approved costume by joining one of several profession-based groups called “Brigades”.  Each Brigade consists of a set of professions that require certain costume customizations to be recognized as a member of the profession and Brigade.  Brigade Requirement Lists (BRL’s) are listed for each profession within the Brigade, and official members striving for Brigade membership must apply under these requirements.

Once you are accepted as a Brigade member, you will be issues a special Brigade Armor Sigil that can be applied to your armor, which will let everyone in Mercs know you have committed yourself to a Brigade.

Brigade membership is voluntary for Official Members, and you do not have to be part of a Brigade to be an Official Member.  However, Brigade membership is ONLY open to Official Members.

Official Members can apply for Brigade membership by >>Clicking Here<<.


Offensive Division

267th Rapid Assault: 

The 267th Rapid Assault Brigade has one job, and one job only: Drop in boots first, cover the boomers, kick in the doors, and proceed to nail and extract targets with extreme prejudice.

The 267th go hard and fast into urban and civilized terrain. While many other Brigades specialized themselves for the multiple terrains such as Desert, Mountain, or Snow, Rapid Assaulters perform specifically in dense urban environments.

267th – Pilots

  • Trained and skilled, pilots serve as the escorts and sky cover for the boot ponders. Their job is simple, but demanding. The flyboys of the 267th must have the skills to traverse the sentient made canyons of duracrete and transparisteel to not only reach their drop points, but must be capable of providing cover fire if required. Without them, this Brigade could not function the way it’s intended into and out of combat.


267th – Demolitions

  • You must have nerves of durasteel to fall in with these troopers. Nimble fingered and educated in the ways of boom, the Demolition experts of the 267th are the gateway to the prize. They blow doors, destroy bunkers, and generally go out of their way to cause as much organized destruction as possible.


267th – Urban Assault

  • The true grunts of this Brigade, the men and women of the 267th’s Urban Assault train hard and intense to be the best of their abilities. Kicking in doors, clearing rooms, moving in tactical units are only a portion of what they must do. They must cover the Demolition units who provide the entrances into those hard to reach bunkers and hold outs. They need to know their weapons inside and out and be at their peak levels of physical, mental, and emotional endurance and efficiency to accomplish their tasks.

Between these three Professions, the 267th Brigade is a tri-force. A symbiotic relationship is developed between the men and women who fly, destroy, and stomp together under the banner of the 267th. Without one, the other cannot function in the manner in which they must to achieve their mission. While separated, these Mandalorians can and will stand on their own. But only by being united can they achieve greater victory and glory.



Shock Infantry: 

The Shock Infantry Brigade is the arm of the Mandalorian military that lives up to it’s namesake. These men and women are highly trained and developed warriors, and they serve one purpose. These warriors fill the ranks of the main force of a Mandalorian battle front.

These individuals are specialized for thick, dirty combat and more heavily armored and weaponized for front line warfare. They do not shrink in the face of combat, they strike at it hard and ferociously. They are the warhorses of the Mand’alor’s battle force.



Shock Infantry – Heavy Assault

  • Covered near head to toe with armor, Heavy Assault troopers wear the toughest of Mandalorian armor. Leaving very little exposed to the enemy, it is not easy to best these combatants. They may not be the fastest unit on the battle field, but there is very little that can slow them down or even stop them.


Shock Infantry – Privateers

  • You’ve heard stories about the ships that go missing in hyperspace. The cargo cruisers that never reach their destination. The senate ships that suddenly vanish. Well meet the mandos behind those mysterious – and sometimes profitable – disappearances!
    Privateers fly the hyperspace lanes, decked from head to toe in weapons, ready to breach any hull on any ship at any time, ready to face anyone in battle, ready to profit from any ship! Do they have a code of honor? Sure – to each other! Certainly not to that guy with the nice stack of spices in his hold…



Force Hunters:


If there is one threat the Jedi fear and respect as much as the Sith, it is the Mandalorian. If there is one faction the Sith know not to trust as far as their credit accounts hold out, it is the Mandalorian. For thousands of years, and a multitude of generations, these three factions have often times been at odds. Three strengths balancing out the others’ weakness. While the Jedi and Sith have their means of dealing with the heavily armored and often militant culture of Mandalorians, these highly trained and adaptive men and women have a way of returning the favor… With the Force Hunter Brigade.

They are not prejudice who it is they track down. They don’t care if the bounty, or pleasure, is to bring the Force user down by lethal or non-lethal means…but it often ends in the former. Mandalorian Force Hunters have learned that more often than not any confrontation with individuals talented in the Force end with one or the other dead.

Force Hunters arm themselves with an array of long range weaponry, often employing explosive or flammable armaments to take the offensive. There’s no secret that the common blaster bolt is just as hazardous to the Force Hunter, if not more so, when fired at a lightsaber wielding Force user. While long range combat is the preferred method of engagement, Force Hunters study hard and train harder to best their foes in hand to hand combat, using the infamous Mandalorian crush gaunts, pikes, or daggers. Engaging Force users can often be a test to one’s abilities, because failure often resulted in the loss of limbs, or more likely, one’s head.

To combat such unfortunate events, the Force Hunter is required to wear no less than medium armor, and ensuring his neck is protected by the lightsaber resistant beskar armor, also along the arms to add into their armored gauntlets. Seasoned veterans of this Brigade can be easily recognized by their battle damage and hard won trophies, such as braids, destroyed lightsabers, or even just the crystals of the uncivilized weapons.

Becoming a Force Hunter is not an easy task, nor is it a Brigade for the weak-willed. Solid determination and indomitable heart is the base line requirement for anyone daring to square off against someone trained in the ways of the Force; Light, Dark, or otherwise in between.



Special Weapons: 


Special Weapons is the offensive wing of the mercs made up of weapons masters or Mandos who specialize in a particular weapon.


Special Weapons – Gunslinger

  • There’s no doubt about it, when you need someone with more then enough firepower to get the job done, eliminate a few small planet systems, save the day and win all the battles and get all the credits — call in your Gunslingers! Guns here…guns there…they got you covered.


Special Weapons – Heavy Melee

  • Heavy Melee are the ones who don’t speak softly and carry the REALLY BIG STICKS…if you know what I mean.  You’re about Brute Force, not finesse. Big Swords, Big Polearms, double sided glaives, Big Hammers…The big stuff IS your bread and butter.


Special Weapons – Heavy Weapons

  • When the front lines are getting thick and heavy with enemy forces, the Heavy Weapon troopers are the men and women you want supporting you. Bristling with the largest caliber of weapons, they carry flame throwers, rocket launchers and rotary cannons for breakfast, then break out the larger combat arms for tough days.


Special Weapons – Light Melee

  • Light Melee are the ninjas of the combat world. You’ll never see them coming until it’s too late…preferring strategic maneuvering in battle over brute force, Light Melee specialists focus on honing their weapon skills to perfection.


Special Weapons – Pistoleer

  • Need a marksman trained in perception and accuracy? Need someone to get in and out and get the job done, taking done multiple targets in one go? If you have the credits, the Pistoleers have the time to take on your targets!


Special Weapons – Gunslinger

  • There’s no doubt about it, when you need someone with more then enough firepower to get the job done, eliminate a few small planet systems, save the day and win all the battles and get all the credits — call in your Gunslingers! Guns here…guns there…they got you covered.



Support Division

Beast Masters:


Hunt animals that terrorize villages or colonies.
Hunt legendary game for sport, glory or profit.
Train and use animals to help in the hunt.
Train and use beasts of war.
Trap animals to sell.
Ride beasts.

Beast Master – Beast hunter

  • Hunters hunt down the beasts of the Galaxy whether for trade or bounty. They long for the hunt.


Beast Master – Beast Tamer

  • Tamers are a lot like the Hunters, but capture their beasts and tame them for personal use or for trade.



Environmental Ops:


Environmental Specialist are a Group of the Mandalorian Mercs Brigades focused on Operations and Survival in the most rugged Terrain and Environments.

Enviro ops – Arctic Operations

  • Operatives are well suited and geared for the coldest conditions; it takes a tough Mando and the right gear to survive a night on Hoth.


Enviro ops – Desert Operations

  • Operatives are trained to take the heat and the sand – the ability to breathe in a dust storm while waiting for a target gives them the advantage.


Enviro ops – Forest Operations

  • Operatives are adept in the art of camouflage; knowing how to be the tree is key to survival.


Enviro ops – Hostile Environments

  • These Operators have the toughest gear known in the Galaxy…after all, the ability to walk into the belly of a Sarlac unscathed to acquire a fallen hero makes  them tough as nails.


Enviro ops – Mountain Operations

  • These Operators have the gear to scale steep cliffs and mountainsides to be able to get to their targets.



Medical Corps: 


The Medical Corps was created for one reason: To serve as a resource and showcase for Official Members that troop in kits which fall under the Medic


Medic – Medic

  • Patching up the wounded and keeping them on the battle field is their job.



Mobile Engineers: 


Mobile Engineers were created for one reason: To serve as a resource and showcase for Official Members that troop in kits which fall under the Mechanic and Communications Specialist profession

Mobile Eng. – Communication Specialist

  • Have the tools to talk to anyone in the Galaxy no matter the distance.


Mobile Eng. – Mechanic

  • They keep everything working, from your ship to your gear. If it can’t be fixed they will make new.




Special Operations: 


Special Operations  was designed to serve as a resource and showcase for Official Members that troop in kits which fall under a Spec Ops Profession.

Spec Ops – Acquisition Operative

  • They can locate and acquire anything in the Galaxy and likely steal it from under someones nose.


Spec Ops – Assassin

  • Know how to be swift, silent and deadly with weapons of stealth and keen skills of mayhem.


Spec Ops – Recon

  • Recon Ops are highly trained and are able to blend in to any environment; they are also masters at hide and seek.


Spec Ops – Sniper

  • Snipers are without a doubt the deadliest members of any team, with weapons that can reach out and ruin your day at great distances.

Canon Division


Movie quality Boba Fett and Jango Fetts. All official variants.


Calling all Bo Katans, Sabines, Imperial Mandos and Pre Vizlas!

Legends Division


Self proclaimed true descendants of the Mandalorian Warrior Culture. They idolized the violent, empire building ways of the past and dreamed of re-creating the ancient Mandalorian Empire. Open Seasons Comics version.


Mandalorian Protectors:

Also known as the Mando Cabure. They were formed by former ARC Trooper Spar, as Two Hundred Twelve of the finest Mandalorian Warriors to ever exist.


True Mandalorians:

Formed as a counter group to the Death Watch, they stressed high moral standards and strict following of the Supercommando Codex.


Legends of Mandalore:

Mandalorian warriors throughout Star Wars who don’t fall into a particular class. Characters like Mandalore the Ultimate, Jodo Kast and Hondo Karr.


Official Members can apply for Brigade membership by >>Clicking Here<<.