This is where to begin in order to cut out your own armor parts.  The templates listed below can be printed out on almost any printer, pieced together, and then traced onto plastic.  It’s usually best to trace them out on posterboard or paper first in order to make sure they fit your body/frame properly before transferring to plastic.


Armor Templates

Complete Boba Fett Templates (WOF Downloadable)

Complete Jango Fett Templates (WOF Downloadable)

Jango Fett Armor Patterns in 4 sizes. (WOF Downloadable)

Range Finder Pattern. (TDH Provided WOF Templates)

Boba Fett Helmet Pattern. (TDH Provided WOF Templates)

Boba Fett Right Gauntlet Pattern (WOF PDF File)

Boba Fett Left Gauntlet Pattern (WOF PDF File)

Boba Fett Flat Dome Pattern (WOF PDF)

Complete Template List (TDH Reference List)

Boba Helmet Template (Skip’s Pepakura Template)

Gauntlet Templates (Skip’s Pepakura Templates)

Galaxies Templates  (Ithica’s Templates)

Legacy Era Armor Templates (Rokeim Gekla)


Jetpack Template

Boba/Jango Fett Standard Jetpack.   (WOF Downloadable)

Jango Arena Pack (Skip’s Pepakura Templates)



Below are multiple tutorials for your costume, ranging from soft parts to trophies and paint. Multiple tutorials for similar things are provided, as there is more than one way to make a great looking kit – experiment and see what works best for you.

Mercs Costume Tutorial board


Soft Parts (Belts, Boots, Flight Suits, and more)

The base upon which armor lies and gives definition, just as important as the plates themselves.

Female Soft Parts Resource (Older Master Thread for Female Armor Resources)

Armor Vest Tutorial (TDH Tutorial)

Girth Belt Tutorial (Demios Ordo)

Girth Belt Tutorial (TrooperJasher)

No-sew Vest Tutorial (Calidus Dartome)

No-sew Vest Tutorial (D’Larian Ferrel Verda)

Vest Tutorial (Pointoforigin)

Leather Pouches (Falco)



For the crafty Mandalorian who like things that blink.

LED/Electronics Tutorial (Dresdon Acacin)

LED Suppliers

Installing RF Servo Remote in Gauntlet (TDH Tutorial)

Installing an RF Servo. (TDH Tutorial)

Bluetooth Helmet Installation (Mandalore the Uniter)




Need guidance on the iconic T-Visor? Start here!

Hasbro Boba Fett Conversion Guidelines (Hondo Karr)

Mirror/Tint Visor Tutorial (MishaKitty)

Bucket Scratchbuild (Kebii’tra Verda)

Rubies Jango 2 Piece Tutorial (Atla)

Rubies Jango 2 Piece Tutorial (Jaa’det Otxoa)



The actual armor and the many ways it can be made, shaped, and worn.

Female Armor Resource Thread (Updated v.2 Female Armor Thread)

Budget Build Tutorial (Incomplete)

Different Attachment Methods (Group Discussion on Multiple Attachment Methods)

Attaching armor to vest using screws. (Bobamaker, TDH tutorial)

Bolting Armor to Vest Tutorial (Jared Lan)

In-depth Weathering Tutorial (Cutelucca, TDH tutorial)

Metal Armor Video Series (Beviin Verhayc’s vid tutorials)

Pauldron Tutorial (OriKad)

Pauldron Tutorial (TrooperJasher)

Budget Gauntlet Bases (ConDar Ward)

Assembling Legacy Armor (TrooperJasher)

Wampa Horn Trophy (TrooperJasher)


Paint Application

Everything you need to know about color, painting, and weathering.

Painting Preparation Tutorial (BobaFiend)

Paint and Weathering Tutorial (Mithras)

Finishing Tips (Spanner Muraan)

Stencil Tutorial (Sev Teriik)

Stencil Tutorial (Athin Ordo)

Art Purposed Spray Paint Overview (Fenruul)