Archive: Feb 2020

  1. Social Society Sunday – Writer’s Bloc

    Have you ever felt that your Mandalorian character was missing something? Did you ever feel like there should be more? The characters we create always need something more. It could be upgrades or it could be the story of your character. The Writer’s Bloc is a fantastic place to show others where your Mandalorian came […]

  2. Social Society Sunday – Wrangalor Society

    When you are out there trooping, the important role of handling\wrangling falls to Official Members and Unofficial Members alike. Handling\Wrangling is one of the most important and jobs anyone out of their kits can engage in. Every member in kit trooping always needs a handler to make sure they are taken care of. From clearing […]

  3. Social Society Sunday – Aluminati

    Beskar is one of the toughest metals in the galaxy. Able to deflect blaster bolts, explosions, knives, blunt force weapons, and even lightsabers. The Aluminati Social Society provides members an area where they can get together with like minded members who wanted the heavy feel and authenticity of having tough armor. We sat down with […]

  4. Mandalorian Mercs Builder’s Group Now Live

    Are you interested in building a Mandalorian armor kit and becoming an Official Member of the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club? Whether you are interested in building your own replica of Din Djarin from the new show “The Mandalorian” or creating your own personal customized kit, we have the resources to help you along the way. […]