Archive: Jul 2020

  1. Planet Analysis – Florrum

          Planet: Florrum Affiliation: Weequay pirates Climate: Warm and very dry Terrain: Desert, geysers, sulphur deposits Known Planetside Species: Skalder Safe Ports: Hondo’s Complex Hazardous aspects: Dry environment with very little water, Pirates, Acid geysers Recommended Gear: Specialized gear for extremely dry environments, water packs Recommended Vehicle: Speeders, Pirate saucer ship, Skalder (only […]

  2. Star Wars: The Bad Batch

      The cavalry has arrived! This newly announced series will follow the story of the elite Bad Batch, first introduced to us in the finale season of The Clone Wars, as they navigate the aftermath of the war.    New possibilities will open up in a previously unexplored timeline for ‘canon’ stories – with the […]

  3. Planet Analysis – Hoth

      Planet: Hoth Affiliation: Rebel Alliance Climate: Extreme cold Terrain: Ice, rock, glaciers, plains Known Planetside Species: Wampa, Tauntaun Safe Ports: N/A Remains of Echo Base Hazardous aspects: Extreme cold, high winds, dangerous creatures Recommended Gear: Specialized gear for extreme cold environments, heat packs, portable shelter kits, light sticks, first sticks, extra rations, snow shoes, […]


    MANDALORIAN MERCS COSTUME CLUB INTERNATIONAL IN-PERSON EVENT ATTENDANCE GUIDELINES DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC MMCC International Command Council understands the desire for regions, clans, and members to return to a limited/restricted state of in-costume and intra-organization events during the COVID-19 pandemic.  To support this, the International Command Council and International Advisory Committee has put together the […]