Archive: Sep 2020

  1. CLAN OF THE MONTH – Wampa Clan

    We sat down with Vastoom, the Alor’ad of Wampa Clan this month to find out what makes Wampa tick and to get a special look into our Clan of the Month for September! Q-The clan was founded March 2009. Tell us about Wampa Clan. A-Wampa Clan is the Maine clan of the MMCC. We have […]

  2. MANDOS CARE: Gurreck Clan

    2020 started with a bang for Gurreck. The clan was preparing for a busy year of trooping and charity work. Then COVID struck. People suddenly lost their incomes. Schools shut down, resulting in many children not getting the nutrition they need. Enter Northwest Harvest, a local organization dedicated to ensuring that children would not go […]