Blue Krill Warmer




50g / Large knob of butter

1 large shallot – finely diced

2 gloves of Garlic – crushed to pulp

200g Carnaroli Rice

100ml Dry White Wine

700ml Chicken Stock

70g frozen peas / petit pois

160g Crayfish tails

Fresh Chives to dress




Saute the diced shallot and garlic in the butter for about 5 mins, then add the rice letting it absorb the butter and flavour for about a minute. 


Add the Wine and bubble/boil until absorbed.


Add 1 ladle of stock at a time simmering and stirring until absorbed, repeat until approx 2 ladles of stock left.


Add the frozen peas with 1 ladle of stock and stir in until stock absorbed.


Add the Crayfish tails and remaining stock, stirring until stock absorbed.


Take off heat and leave to rest for about 5 minutes maximum then divide between 2 and dress with the chives, seasoning to taste.


Whole process normally takes around 25-30mins….


Thanks to Tak’ur of the Draluram (Mandalorian Chef Society) for this excellent

 recipe! Got a recipe you’d like to share with us? Get in touch!