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  1. Mandos Making a Difference with Make-A-Wish

    At the recent Nerds Assemble Con in Paragould, AR, the event organizer inquired if we, the members of Bes’uliik Clan, would be willing to donate a portion of our con activity proceeds to a charity.

    Of course, as Mandos, we …

  2. MercsCon 3: Denver

    The Rally Master and Event team are excited to announce our location for MercsCon 3!

    Thank you to all the Official Members that voted!

    Our location will be DENVER, COLORADO!!!

    More information about the event will be shared in the

  3. Path of the Warmaster

    Listen to Tom Hutchens, Mandalore the Uniter, explain the Path of the Warmaster. Path of the Warmaster is a quarterly donation campaign designed to help support the Mando Mercs Costume Club. For more information go to: