The Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club prides itself on the dedication of its members, and we have decided to recognize those members that work the hardest to put their best foot forward each month.  To kick off this first Clan of the Month, we would like to introduce everyone to the Manda’galaar Clan.

Manda’galaar Clan covers a large portion of Southern California and has 59 active Official Members and continues to grow every year through their amazing work.  They were chosen to be the first Clan of the Month because they finished 2018 with 94 total invasions.  They also participated in 11 educational events, 7 family events, and 8 charity events.  Manda’galaar had more total events than any other clan in the club.  They also dedicated 131.5 hours to charity last year.  While they did not come out on top in the charity hours, they certainly dedicated a lot of time and energy into spreading the message of the MMCC.

I spoke with the Clan Alor’ad, Erio J’uni, and he told me that Manda’galaar is like a second family for many of their members.  They continually stand by each other and support each other no matter what happens.  The positivity of the members and their belief in the club and its mission has made Manda’galaar successful in everything they did last year.  They have forged new and better relationships with the local chapters of the 501st and Rebel Legion and have continued to attract more recruits to their ranks.

Members of the Manda’galaar Clan also make up a large percentage of volunteers at the club level with members on the Council, part of many of the staff teams, and serving on the committees that all work together to keep this club running.  Manda’galaar Clan is looking forward to 2019 as another successful year.  They are aiming to add more active Official Members to their ranks and to beat their own records for trooping and charity hours.  They are a clan to watch in the coming year, and we look forward to seeing what they accomplish.

Congratulations to all of Manda’galaar Clan!