Members, fans, and friends,


Today I’m writing a personal letter to each of you because of the recent tragedy of Mr. George Floyd and subsequent human rights and police brutality protests that have taken place world-wide. These issues affect all of us personally, and have created divides within the membership that we must work to repair.


When starting the MMCC it was crucial to weave as much Mandalorian culture and ideals into the foundation of the organization; family, inclusion, and acceptance are chief among these ideals. We are a global family that comes from different backgrounds, be it culture/race/gender/etc. Our greatest strength is that beyond the differences of our birth or circumstance we all love Mandalorians and Star Wars.


We have a duty to our communities, our fellow members, and the public to be on the side that falls within the ideals of our great organization. At some point we as an organization have to take a stand and say that we support human rights and the fair treatment of all. This statement has to go beyond words, it must be common practice.


While we all have differing personal opinions, political views, etc. we’ve also made a commitment to be part of something larger than ourselves. In making that commitment you have become part of a family that doesn’t care what’s under the armor as long as you wear it with an indomitable spirit and the goal of helping those in need. We need to remember that first and foremost we’re here for each other, united through something we love and identify with.


Let us stand as one voice united against hate, against human rights violations and inequality, and against all things contrary to the ideals woven into the very fabric of the characters and culture we love.



This is the way!

Tom Hutchens

“Mandalore the Uniter”