Are you interested in building a Mandalorian armor kit and becoming an Official Member of the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club? Whether you are interested in building your own replica of Din Djarin from the new show “The Mandalorian” or creating your own personal customized kit, we have the resources to help you along the way.

We are introducing a new platform for those interested in kit-building on the Facebook platform called the Mandalorian Mercs Builders Group.

This group is backed by the club and is being overseen by club officials and subject matter experts from around the globe.  Our moderation team includes members of the Education Team, Application team, Public Relations team, and Ruus’alore with years of experience.  By joining up, group members will be able to get feedback, advice, and inspiration for their kits. They can share their progress and links to their work in progress threads on the forums to get more eyes on their ideas and progress.  Facebook also gives the group members the ability to interact in real time with other members from every region of the club.

The group provides dynamic content including pictures, tutorials, videos, discussions, and links to forum resources to help you along the path from unofficial member to official member.  The members and moderators discuss all parts of the kit building process including soft goods, armor pieces, weapons, accessories, jetpacks, and helmets.  Topics also include tips and tricks for building and wearing your kit and studies on techniques like metalworking and 3D Printing.  This group also supports building from all eras of Mandalorian history from the Early Crusader Era to the Modern Era and beyond.

The group is open to unofficial members, auxiliary members, and official members.  Not only can you get help with your first build, but also for your second, third, or fourth build.  The group also provides support for those official members wishing to take their kits into the Brigades and specialize in different types of costumes within the club.

If you’re interested in taking kit building to a new level and developing your skills, come and join us: