At the recent Nerds Assemble Con in Paragould, AR, the event organizer inquired if we, the members of Bes’uliik Clan, would be willing to donate a portion of our con activity proceeds to a charity.

Of course, as Mandos, we were eager to assist, as fundraising and charitable donations are a main focus for the Mando Mercs Costume Club. Official Members Erick and Justin agreed to the contribution and it was decided that the funds from the jail and bail operation at the convention would be donated.

Bes’uliik Clan had a very busy and successful con, with plenty of Jail & Bail activity, as well as collecting independent donations.

Once the convention concluded, OM Justin reached out to the local contact for Make-A-Wish and notified them of our pledge to donate said proceeds. Thus, in collaboration with Make-A-Wish, our clan head Alex and XO Saviik assisted Justin with organizing a contact and drop off date, as well as confirming the drop off time and donation amount with our point of contact.

On Saturday August 6th, Alex, Justin and Abraham met with Make-A-Wish rep Dana Johnson in Jonesboro AR to complete the pledge of $700 to Make-A-Wish.


As always, we are humbled and honored to be able to support charity and good causes through the costumed activities that we love, supported by a club that has charity as one of its founding principles. We hope that even for a moment, we can transport you to a galaxy far…far away.