The Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club prides itself on the dedication of its members, and we have decided to recognize those members that work the hardest to put their best foot forward each month.  This month the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club would like to recognize the members of Gurreck Clan as Clan of the Month for April! These members make up one of all of the MMCC’s amazing clans but that didn’t stop them from being a shining example to all during these trying times.


Gurreck Clan covers the entire state of Washington in the Western Region. The clan was originally formed back in January of 2017. Their members come from all walks of life ranging from Active duty military and retired military to Schoolteachers and even Verd’ika in their ranks. It doesn’t matter who was who with Gurreck Clan, because they established a sense of family among each other early on. They consider that troops to them, compare to seeing a favorite cousin or even as attending a family reunion. In these times we count on each other, just as Gurreck Clan comes together as a family; Family is big among Mandalorians and Gurreck Clan has certainly proved this to be true, just as all clans have. This sense of family has created some outstanding statistics from 2019. The clan together accumulated 12 invasions, 92 charity hours, and raised $5,653 for charity, between the 19 members the clan currently has.

We sat down with Gurreck Clan’s Alor’ad, Baelin Halon, to find out more about how his clan motivates themselves and continues to uphold the mission of the MMCC through the COVID-19 pandemic. Apart from Washington State’s orders related to COVID-19 we were pleased to hear the Gurreck Clan is doing well, despite being hit hard with “ground zero for the pandemic” as Baelin put; Gurreck Clan embraced the use of technology to not only come together but to create amazing content for all to enjoy. The Alor’ad himself conducted his first “Ask the Alor’ad” session on Facebook Live and Gurreck Clans Ruus’alor Sol’yc has their first virtual armor party planned. However, this isn’t the end of line for content that Gurreck Clan has been thinking up. Gurreck Clan has taken to the internet by creating “basics” videos for all to watch and learn from.

The clan has already posted one video on the “Basics of Sewing.” Gurreck clan has plans to release more videos during the pandemic but will not stop even after the situation is over. They have a few videos put up on the drawing board even now, so keep an eye out for them! Gurreck Clan has shown us that despite the growing situation we all face together, there is nothing we can’t do to do the work we all love to do. They are not only planning to do things for their clan and the club right now but are looking to the future, which inspires the hope that we will get through this together and come out on top. Their plans include creating bigger and better props for their events as well as having a family reunion BBQ day once this is all over. It is the hope and desire to come together once again that drives not only Gurreck Clan but the rest of the MMCC.

Gurreck Clan has plans to come together and grow even more after the COVID-19 pandemic is dealt with. They have seen steady growth throughout the years and the challenges of 2020, they have the urge and desire to grow much more than they have. They currently have several foundlings very close to submitting, which shows that despite the situation at hand, there is still room to build your kit to approval even from a distance. Gurreck Clan’s goal for this year is to thrive and come out through COVID-19 as bigger, stronger family than ever before. We wish Gurreck Clan the best and to stay safe out there. The MMCC looks forward to more content from the clan and knows they will do great work. Congratulations to Gurreck Clan for being Clan of the Month for April; stay tuned for the next Clan of the Month for May!


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