The time is here! Are you ready!

MercsCon kicks off this Friday, October the 22nd at 11:00 AM at the Holiday Inn Superdome in beautiful downtown New Orleans!

Day and Weekend tickets can still be acquired at the door if you are planning to drive down and attend! There will be events lined up all weekend to give you more insight in the club, enhance your building skills, or even learn more about what its like to be an actor in the Star Wars Universe with Dominic Pace.

A full schedule can be found in this months Special Edition of BattleCry, along with a special interview with Pete Vilmer! Simply clicking on the image below of that will take you straight to it!

We will be also hosting live streams from the Mando Mercs Facebook page and the MercsCon Facebook page with select panels and meetings we will be having over the weekend!

We look forward to seeing everyone there and making this event the best it can be!