With most of the world finding ways to try and return to a normal life dealing with the COVID pandemic, it is time for the MMCC to also make some adjustments that will allow the club, and its members, to resume a more participatory role.

The MMCC is invested in helping its members become involved with their clans and regions once again.  With that thought in mind, the MMCC wants to encourage more participation from our official members.  Therefore the requirement for  “One (1)  Invasion per Calendar Year”  is being reinstated for all OM’s for 2022.  However, the MMCC will be making an adjustment to that requirement for 2022.

Invasions will no longer be limited solely to “in person” events. Virtual events such as in costume video messages and “Virtual Invasions” will be counted. Additionally, we will allow an official member’s participation in an Armor Party (virtual or in person), provided the Armor Party meets certain criteria, to count towards the “1 Troop per Calendar Year” requirement.  Finally, official members participating as Handlers/Wranglers during an in-person Invasion event will also be eligible for the “One (1) Invasion per Calendar Year” credit.  

To summarize what levels of participation will count towards your “One (1) Invasion per-Calendar Year” Credit:

  1. In-person invasion events
  2. Virtual invasion events
  3. A qualifying in-person armor party
  4. A qualifying virtual armor party
  5. Handling/Wrangling at in-person invasion events. 

What qualifies as a “qualifying in-person or virtual armor party”?

The criteria for an Armor Party to count towards that requirement are:

  1.  It is a clan level Armor Party, virtual or in-person, in which there were at least two (2) attendees, one (1) attendee being an Official Member
  2.  It is a regional Armor Party, virtual or in-person, in which there were at least two (2) attendees, one (1) being an Official Member
  3. It is an international level virtual Armor Party

Amendment:  All events, virtual or in-person, require a notification post on the MMCC forums with a forty eight (48) hour minimum notice prior to the event. 

Note: Please ensure you continue to adhere to any local government COVID-19 guidelines/regulations when making appearances or attending in-person events.

The MMCC is making plans to host such international club-wide Virtual Armor Parties.  These MMCC Armor Parties will be scheduled and announced to the club so that all members from around the world can join in.

Every official member also has the option to request a “Trooping Exemption” for 2022. Requests for exemptions may be made by simply sending the Archivist a private message on the MMCC forums to request the exemption. No specifics need be given when requesting the exemption, a simple “I am requesting a trooping exemption for 2022” is all that is needed.  

You can message the Archivist on the forums by CLICKING HERE

If you have any questions, please contact your Regional Commander.