Planet: Cantonica
Affiliation: Corporate Sector
Climate: Hot and dry. One artificial sea
Terrain: Desert, urban, water
Known Planetside Species: Fathier, unidentified tentacle creature
Safe Ports: Canto Bight
Hazardous aspects: Outside the city is a dry desert wasteland
Recommended Gear: Outside the city – Specialized gear for dry, desert environments, water packs, ration packs, cooling units
Recommended Vehicle: Many speeders within Canto Bight, water craft on the seas, protected transport outside the city
Contracts/work: Bounties posted by various corporate interests

Reconnaissance Team Analysis:

“So here we are on Cantonica… or should I be more specific and say Canto Bight, since it’s the only habitable place on this ball of sand and desert. While the rest of the planet is a wasteland, the city of Canto Bight has anything anyone could ever need. This system is run by a variety of corporate entities as a place for the wealthy to kick back and relax. Gambling, fathier racing, spas, bars, cantinas, you name it and you can find it here. With such wealth, comes many opportunities for us to take advantage of…. but walking around in full beskar’gam might attract the wrong kind of attention so we’re doing our best to blend in.

Cantonica is located in the Outer Rim within the corporate sector. Corporate entities essentially run their planets the way they see fit. The city of Canto Bight is the only safe place to visit here on Cantonica, unless you are properly prepared to spend a significant of time out in the desert. As expected, the local law enforcement are corrupt. Rich clients and business owners seem to be able to do just about anything they want here. Many seem to have private security forces that answer to no one. Ghez says he saw a man, woman, and their ball droid get arrested for what the police said was a “traffic violation”, even though it was pretty obvious that it was a made-up reason to take them in for questioning. Whatever we do on this planet needs to be on the down-low, or we need to have backing from someone rich and powerful to make sure our backs are covered.

Canto Bight is located on the edge of the Sea of Cantonica, a clearly artificial sea that occupies a massive area…. It’s probably one of the largest artificial bodies of water we’ve come across. The climate on the shore and within the city is amazing. I can see why the rich and powerful like to live and visit here. There are Cantonican cacti and Chinar trees everywhere as decoration in the city. We were all surprised to see the Chinar trees, as they were native to Alderaan. I guess the ultra welthy can always find a way to get their hands on the things they want. The chinar trees do give off a scent that reminds all of us of fire and spice. It’s difficult to describe but very pleasant. We haven’t seen much in the way of wildlife other than the fathers that run in the races, or these weird floating jellyfish-type creatures that we passed in the atmosphere as we were arriving. I don’t know how dangerous they are as Ghez kept us at a safe distance during our decent.

Although none of us really want to leave, I think we’ve scouted enough of this place to get some good intel (plus Ghez is down a significant amount of credits although he swears he stayed away from the gambling parlours). This planet provides ample opportunities to set up a base of operations and the rich and powerful clientele will no doubt have bounties on offer… the rich always do. Apart from private security forces and a corrupt police department, this planet poses no real dangers or obstacles for us to overcome.

This detailed report will help our teams to secure work and materials. It may also provide a place for a temporary base to help with operations in this sector. Our search has expanded for a suitable establishment, we will advise command when we have something else worth reporting. Reconnaissance Team Shev’la — Out.”

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