Planet: Florrum
Affiliation: Weequay pirates
Climate: Warm and very dry
Terrain: Desert, geysers, sulphur deposits
Known Planetside Species: Skalder
Safe Ports: Hondo’s Complex
Hazardous aspects: Dry environment with very little water, Pirates, Acid geysers
Recommended Gear: Specialized gear for extremely dry environments, water packs
Recommended Vehicle: Speeders, Pirate saucer ship, Skalder (only if necessary)
Contracts/work: Pirate contracts. Wanted individuals have also been known to use Florrum as a hideout due to its location and reputation.

Reconnaissance Team Analysis:

“Well well well…. So this is Florrum. It’s dry, dusty, and hot here. We had a pretty routine system entry and landing. We weren’t questioned by anyone on the way in, although we did notice that there were some saucer ships keeping an eye on us. This Outer Rim planet is a perfect hideout for wanted individuals, or those who have questionable cargo they want to unload. This world is home to legendary pirate leader Hondo Ohnaka, so any business that happens here goes through him. Keep that in mind and any missions to Florrum will have one less problem to worry about.

This isn’t the most glorious of recon jobs, but it definitely isn’t the worst. This planet is mostly desert so make sure you stay hydrated and bring a decent supply of water with you. Out there on the plains it gets really hot, really fast. There is a flat area near here that the locals call Doshar Fields, but besides that the only really places of interest are the scattered pirate enclaves and the large complex belonging to Hondo himself. The complex seems to be the main hub for all incoming and outgoing cargo. Security is pretty tight around the ships, at least by pirate standards, so we haven’t been able to verify what is passing through here. There are boxes and crates of cargo, pieces of scrapped ships, broken droids, and various piles of unidentifiable scrap metal and wires littering the main area of the complex… but there is plenty of space to land ships for those that have business inside. If undercover and out of kit, it will be easy to blend in. There are a ton of different species here, either working for the pirates or just enjoying the rules-free cantina. Weequay, Nikto, Bith, Jawa… you name it, they’re all here.

We’ve been here less than 2 hours, but we’ve already met Hondo himself who stopped to unload It seems that he likes to greet visitors personally, probably to get a feel for their intentions and to show everyone that he is the man around these parts. Who can blame him? After all, he and his pirates did manage to fight off an attack by Count Dooku and the CIS army back in the Clone Wars, and there aren’t many planetary leaders that can boast about doing that. There are rumours that he had Jedi help, but we can’t confirm. Either way, it’s an impressive accomplishment.

Transport here is fairly simple. There are speeders to get you from one place to another pretty quickly, Hondo’s pirates have giant saucer shaped ships, and there are large quadrupeds called Skalder that the locals say can be ridden. Ghez tried to get up on one but they don’t seem to be the most gentle of animal. I guess you could ride one if you had to, but I’d recommend sticking to speeders for travel. As I’ve mentioned before, if you are going to be outdoors for any significant length of time it does get very hot and very dry so you’ll need to make sure your kit’s environmental seals are working, and that you have a good supply of water to stay hydrated.

I think we’ve scouted about as much as we can here, so it’s time for us to pack up and head home. I’ve got sand in places I didn’t know sand could get to, plus this place just has a way of making you feel thirsty all the time. I wouldn’t want to live here, but it’s definitely a great spot to rest or hide…. assuming of course that the pirates like you and don’t decide to take you prisoner.

This detailed report will help our teams to secure work and materials. It may also provide a place for a temporary base to help with operations in this sector. Our search has expanded for a suitable establishment, we will advise command when we have something else worth reporting. Reconnaissance Team Sol’yc — Out.”

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